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Understanding the psychology of stealing in Colorado

Understand the root cause of your desire to shoplift before you find yourself in handcuffs and hit with criminal charges in Colorado.

Maybe you have thought about shoplifting a time or two when you stopped at a gas station for a bottle of water, while in a department store or at a Colorado drug store picking up a few items. Where does this desire come from, and should you be worried? Learn where your impulses come from before you are hit with a shoplifting charge.

The existence of psychological disorders

Your desire to steal could be tied to an undiagnosed psychological disorder. Everything from bipolar disorder, kleptomania and severe anxiety to a traumatic brain injury can make a person want to steal. If you feel you may fall into this category, it is a good idea to sit down with a psychologist to see if you can get to the root cause or your desire to shoplift. Getting arrested is not the type of treatment you want.

Feeding a drug addiction

Those addicted to drugs often resort to shoplifting and selling their ill-gotten gains to feed their habit. Again, it is vital to get proper treatment for your addiction, spending time in a rehab program rather than behind bars.

The lack of security

Maybe you feel stores are practically asking for shoplifters because of a lack of proper security and tracking. It is true that there are stores owners unbothered by the damage or theft of goods as long as it does not exceed, say, 3% of goods sold. There is also the fact that installing surveillance equipment and prevention measures is too expensive for some business owners. Finally, some store layouts are too complicated for effective theft prevention measures.

Stores are not people

Your perspective on this issue may be that you do not have the same hang-ups about stealing from a faceless store that you have about stealing from an individual. After all, a chain store can claim your theft off as a tax write-off, so it is not harming anyone, right? That may be, but the fact remains that stealing is stealing, no matter if the victim is a person or a franchised business. You can be arrested for stealing from either just the same.

A need to survive

Maybe you have fallen on hard financial times and feel tempted by the idea of stealing because you need to eat and take care of your family. This is understandable, but you have to think of the risk you take by shoplifting. Say you get caught and arrested. Criminal punishment will increase your financial strain. Also, your criminal record could keep you from getting a job to improve your financial situation and outlook.

If you give in to your desire to shoplift from a Colorado business, it is essential that you consult with a legal professional. Make yourself aware of your rights to mitigate your punishment and get the help you need for the reasons behind your desire to shoplift.