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Take these three steps if charged with a drug crime in Colorado

Colorado officials continue to crackdown on allegations of illegal drug activity. In a recent example, authorities arrested more than a dozen people throughout the state. The move was part of Operation Pin Drop, one of the most recent task force efforts focused on organized drug trafficking in Colorado.

Authorities with the case executed multiple search warrants and allegedly gathered more than 8 pounds of fentanyl, 32 pounds of meth, 3 pounds of cocaine, dozens of firearms, and more than $40,000 in cash. The prosecution is moving forward with criminal drug charges against each individual.

Whether caught in the wrong place at the wrong time or concerned that the charges could have some legitimacy, those who face similar allegations of criminal activity are wise to take the matter seriously and know that the authorities will push for serious penalties. These three steps can help as you begin to navigate through the initial allegations towards the best possible outcome.

Step #1: Understand the charges.

The first step is to get information about the specifics of the charge. Colorado law generally categorizes drug offenses based on the type and amount of substance involved, as well as the alleged activity, such as possession, distribution, or manufacturing. The legal impacts of drug crime allegations can range from fines and probation to imprisonment. Outcomes depend on the severity of the charge, your criminal history, and the strength of your defense.

The laws that govern these charges are always evolving. One of the more recent changes involves increased penalties for crimes that involve fentanyl. The new law reduced the amount of fentanyl that can trigger felony charges.

Step #2: Protect your rights.

It is crucial to take steps to protect your rights.

Remain silent and ask for an attorney immediately upon arrest. Do not consent to searches or provide any statements that could be used against you. Your lawyer will help you understand the court process. You may face arraignment, pre-trial conferences, and possibly a trial. Be punctual, dress appropriately, and follow your attorney’s advice closely.

Step #3: Explore defense strategies.

Your defense strategy will depend on the specifics of your case. This could include a challenge of the evidence if there is reason to believe it was unlawfully obtained or is unreliable. It is also important to carefully consider plea negotiations. The prosecution may offer a plea that could potentially reduce the charges or result in a more favorable outcome. Remember, the prosecution does not act in your best interests. It is wise to have legal counsel review any proposed deal to better ensure you understand the full implication of the proposal.

Facing drug crime allegations in Colorado requires prompt and careful action. Understand the charges, preserve your rights, and explore your defense strategies. With the right approach, you can navigate the legal system and work toward the best possible resolution of your case. Remember, these three steps are a starting point; always consult with an attorney experienced in this area of criminal law for advice tailored to your situation.