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Safety tips for consuming edibles in Colorado

Learning a few safety tips for edibles could be just the thing to allow a person to have a safe experience and stay on the right side of the law.

Anyone who works in the cannabis industry in Colorado can tell you how many innovations there are for marijuana and THC, including ingesting them through what are known as edibles. Because edibles and THC in general can affect people differently, it is best to know how to use them safely, otherwise, a person can cause her or himself avoidable harm.

Take it easy

Anyone who has never tried edibles before should go slow with them. As much as 10mg has the potential to alter a person’s driving ability, making it vital to take no more than one serving and waiting at least two to four hours before thinking about eating more.

Ensure edibles are clearly labeled

To better prevent accidental consumption, all edibles should be clearly labeled and stored well out of the reach of small children and pets. If there are young children in the house, it might be a good idea to lock up edibles and other forms of marijuana and THC just to be on the safe side.

Have a good meal before ingesting edibles

While eating before consuming edibles makes them take longer to take effect, a good meal can make it so that the THC in edibles is not so intense, which is something those new to the product might not be able to tolerate. Additionally, such meals should be nutritious.

Do not drink alcohol

Edibles should not be mixed with alcohol. One reason for this is that both the THC in edibles and alcohol are processed in the liver, and another is that mixing alcohol with edibles can lead to nausea and disorientation. On a related note, no one should drive or use heavy machines while using edibles as doing so can lead to an avoidable accident or trouble with the law.

Enjoy regular snacks

Just like with smoking marijuana, edibles can boost a person’s appetite. This is why it is good to have regular snacks within easy reach while ingesting edibles. Just like with eating before consuming edibles, such snacks should have some nutritious qualities for the person’s overall physical health and well-being.

Consume edibles in a safe, relaxed space

Because some people can become paranoid after eating too much THC, it is always best to be in a calming space and with trusted friends. Should a person become overly anxious or worked up, it is advisable that he or she finds a quiet place to rest for a few hours until the effects of the edible wear off.

While marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, there are still laws regarding its use. Working with an attorney to explore legal options and the next best move is always a safe bet should a person be hit with a charge regarding marijuana.