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Is violent crime more prevalent in Denver?

Learn more about violent crime in Denver. See how it stacks up to the rest of the state. Find out what crimes are the most common and why.

Everyone wants to live somewhere safe. Keeping tabs on violent crime in Denver can help residents to keep themselves safe and secure while also letting them know what is happening with crime in the area. As a big city, Denver is going to have more crime than smaller areas of the state, but the recent statistics show something alarming about what’s going on in the city.

Crime in Denver

According to The Denver Post, the city has a violent crime rate that’s rising faster than other large cities in our country, per capita. There is no real leading factor to the rise in crime, but the homicide rate has increased due to gangs and domestic violence. In addition, gun crimes have also increased. The trend in violent crime rate has been increasing since 2014, which is not encouraging.

Crime in Colorado

Denver 7 ABC reports that Denver is pretty much following the violent crime rate trends for the state. The rate in 2018 is the fifth year in a row that there has been an increase, with a total of a 7.95% increase in 2018 compared to 2017.

Most of the crimes leading to the increase were aggravated assault. There were 25,201 aggravated assault cases in the state in 2018 compared to 14,403 cases in 2017.

The good news is the murder rate fell slightly from 218 to 211. However, hate crimes doubled in numbers.

Some good news

The whole state is not seeing drastic increases in violent crime, though. There are some areas where such crimes are decreasing.

The Daily Sentinel explains Mesa County is seeing a decrease in violent crime. While the rate has gone up in the state as whole, this county is curbing the issue. In fact, it has been trending downward since 2017.

Final words

So, there is hope for Denver and the rest of the state to reduce the number of violent crimes occurring. It’s a matter of finding what is causing the increases and eliminating the issues. However, that’s not always easy when the statistics point to hate crimes, guns, and gangs as major causes. Also, it’s very common for only certain areas of a large city like Denver to have areas where the crime is more prevalent, so keep that in mind.

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