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How Colorado parents can discipline kids in a healthy way

Learn how to avoid physically disciplining your children to raise them in a psychologically healthy home.

As a parent in the state of Colorado, you do the best job you can when it comes to raising your kids and teaching them the difference between right and wrong. That being said, there are times when your child might test his or her boundaries and stoke an anger in you that you do everything you can to control. Before your emotions get the best of you and you end up striking your child and being accused of child abuse, learn how to discipline him or her in a way that is both healthy and effective.

Let them learn the consequences of their actions

When children throw food on the floor or fling toys at a wall, your first instinct is likely to either clean up the food or take the toy away, mainly because you know food becomes inedible when it hits the floor and that toys can break if roughly handled. Rather than give in to your instincts, let your child learn these consequences as well. They need to learn that throwing food on the floor means they might go hungry and that throwing toys at the wall or to the floor could break them. Just make sure you explain those consequences beforehand.

Reward good behavior

Parents are often quick to punish bad behavior, but they sometimes forget the importance of celebrating and rewarding good behavior. Such a system helps a child understand the difference between proper and improper behavior, and instills good habits in them. While it is true that they will not go their entire lives always being rewarded for good behavior, it is your job as a parent to help them establish a moral compass.

Include your kids when developing solutions

As you are trying to come up with ways to get your kids to comply with bedtime or getting their chores done, be sure to include them in your brainstorming sessions. After all, this concerns them, so they should have a say in the matter. You first want to explain why you want them to go to bed at a certain time or do their chores so they understand your reasoning. Then, you can ask what would help them get to bed on time or be more willing to do their chores. You may feel you do not have to explain yourself as a parent, but your kids may not see the situation that way. Help them to help you avoid a felony.

Child abuse is a serious charge in Colorado and elsewhere. To understand your rights and know how best to build your defense, get in touch with an attorney.