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A glimpse into the future of Colorado DUI enforcement?

We have more than once written about the efforts of politicians to toughen Colorado DUI laws. Politicians are busy crafting ever-harsher penalties elsewhere, too. One example is Florida, where lawmakers are considering a law that would require repeat DUI offenders to submit to two breath tests per day.

In addition, the law would allow authorities to order random urinalysis, ignition interlocks and devices that do continuous monitoring, such as ankle bracelets.

As proms, graduations near, risk of underage DUI rises

It’s an exciting time of life for high school seniors. School days are winding down, but expectations of impending proms, graduations and parties are increasing. As parents know, teen parties can frequently feature alcohol, which raises the likelihood that their child will face a charge of underage DUI.

Here in Colorado, the DUI standards are different for those under the age of 21 than for those who are 21 or over. For those of legal age, the DUI blood-alcohol content (BAC) standard is 0.08 percent or above. But for those who are under 21, a BAC of just 0.02 percent can result in an underage DUI conviction. 

Persistence pays off in DUI case

Persistence pays off. That’s the takeaway from a story about a DUI case far from us in Denver. An Ohio woman and her attorney have been fighting to suppress evidence obtained by police officers in a town near Cleveland since the summer of 2011.

That state’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a trial court must now hold a hearing on the request from the woman and her attorney to suppress evidence from an August 3, 2011 arrest for drunken driving. 

The cost of pleading guilty to vehicular homicide, assault

If someone in Denver is facing criminal charges, he or she has a decision to make: plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. All of these options have different benefits, but they may also have very serious consequences. Although some people in Denver may have seen television shows or movies in which individuals plead guilty to something, their consciences are cleared and a judge sentences them to a reduced sentence for taking responsibility for their crimes, this is rarely how real life works. Unless a criminal defense attorney has been working with prosecutors to create a plea bargain, entering a guilty plea will not lead to a reduced sentence.

Though no one can make the decision to plead guilty but the person charged, a criminal defense attorney can help to explain exactly what the risks are of choosing one plea over another.

Felony DUI bill making its way through Colorado legislature

It’s a rare moment in modern politics in which both sides of the political aisle are mostly in agreement.  Bipartisan harmony on a bill that would make repeat convictions for DUI a felony in Colorado sent the measure sailing through the House Appropriations Committee yesterday with unanimous approval.

If the bill passes a final vote in the House, which observers agree appears likely, it will head to the state Senate, Denver media reports.

Local sports pundit disses Helton for last year's DUI arrest

They say that to err is human, to forgive, divine. In his 17 seasons patrolling first base for the Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton made his share of errors. But he more than made up for the occasional miscue on the field by smacking baseballs over the outfield wall.

The Rockies icon retired at the end of last season, so when the team recently celebrated its home opener at Denver's Coors Field, Helton was missing from the line-up. But his Helton Burger Shack was open for business in the park, with a special promise to customers: 50 cents from each purchase will be given to a charity of the former first-sacker's choice.

That certainly qualifies as a laudable gesture from a man casually dismissed by one local sports pundit as "a guy whose most newsworthy accomplishment in his final season was a DUI."

Yes, there's an app for when you're pulled over for DUI

There are tens of thousands of apps that do everything from help people dress and eat, find dates, find mates, find phones and find themselves, that it seems it might be easier to list the things that apps don't do than to list all the things they can do.

Now there's an app that helps people who have been pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving. The application developed by DUI attorneys far from Colorado is designed to help drivers understand their rights in that moment of need.

DUI patrols will increase throughout prom season in Colorado

For many teenagers, the next few months are among the most exciting of the year -- and of their entire high school career. That's because the next sixty days-plus will not only see diplomas handed out at graduation, but also the rite of passage that is the prom. However, teens here in Colorado should be aware that the start of prom season was not only noted by school administrators, teachers and even area retailers, but also law enforcement officials.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is once again joining forces with the Colorado State Patrol and local police departments via "The Heat is On" campaign to conduct a prom season crackdown on drunk driving. Scheduled to run from April 6 through May 18, the campaign will mean more officers out on the roads and freeways during peak traffic hours for prom goers.

"Prom is a night to remember: a time that should include laughter, fun and reminiscing with friends. But when alcohol and drugs are involved, the night can quickly turn disastrous," said Col. Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol.

Colorado's St. Patrick's Day DUI arrest numbers are in

On St. Patrick's Day, they say that there are only two kinds of people. Those who are Irish and those who wish they were Irish.

Some of Denver's celebrants that weekend might well have wished they were somewhere else when the police lights went on and they were pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol

Pot level for unsafe driving still hazy

Most people know that Colorado's legal threshold for alcohol is 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. If a person has that BAC or above, they can be arrested for DUI in our state.

What's less clear is how much of the active ingredient of marijuana can be in a person's system in order to consider them legally impaired. Scientists and lawmakers are still trying to figure out if there is a bright DUID line and where it lies.

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