Increase in Alcohol and Drug Arrests for University of Colorado Students

Being charged with a DUI can be a life-changing experience. Often, this is the first time that a person will have any contact with law enforcement. Many will not know what to expect, or what to do once they have been arrested. Some may even give police information that can be used to obtain a conviction.

While anyone can be pulled over for DUI, often law enforcement conducts special sobriety campaigns throughout the Denver area to find drunk drivers. Locations that have historically high numbers of intoxicated motorists are generally where these patrols will take place. If a motorist violates any traffic laws, this could give the officer enough reason to make a stop and start an investigation.

One particular group of individuals could see an increase in the number of people arrested for DUI. A recent report by the University of Colorado Police has indicated a growing number of arrests for alcohol or drug offenses for college students. Officials have pointed to increased enforcement as the reasons behind the increase in these arrests.

For college students, a DUI or drug arrest could have a very serious impact. Sample punishments for DUIs may include the loss of a license, high fines and possibly even jail time. At the very least, individuals could be facing increased insurance costs. A DUI could have additional consequences down the road, including making individuals ineligible for certain types of employment.

Drug charges can also be potentially devastating for college students. While many associate drug crimes with street drugs such as cocaine, even prescription drugs or marijuana could lead to charges. And these charges could carry significant penalties.

In addition to potential jail time or fines, a drug crime has several other consequences that could lead to major problems for college students. Many students depend on financial aid, and a conviction for a drug-related offense could mean that students will be unable to receive the money they need to continue with their education. Additionally, employers may see a drug conviction as a red flag, and look for applicants who do not have any such issues.

It is extremely important to present an aggressive defense if facing DUI or drug charges. Every year, it seems the penalties for committing a crime get much more severe. Any future convictions could result in being labeled as a repeat offender, where the penalties are much worse. A conviction could carry a life-long impact, and for someone in college who is just starting out, this could close a lot of doors in the future.

If you or a family member is facing DUI charges, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Prosecutors are not on your side. They will aggressively pursue charges against you. Knowing what you can do to protect yourself during this difficult time can help you make informed decisions about the options that are available to you.