Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Bill Rejected

Many people are very familiar with the DUI rules in effect in Colorado. If drivers have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) over .08 percent, they could be facing drunk-driving charges. When it comes to drugs other than alcohol, establishing evidence of impairment is more difficult. Lawmakers in Colorado recently attempted to create a law that would have set a specific limit for those who were under the influence of marijuana.

The bill focused on levels of THC that were present in a driver's bloodstream. The level for impairment would have been set at 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood, but officials questioned whether this was an accurate way to measure if someone was actually under the influence. Since the drug affects people differently, and may react differently depending upon how it is used, many legislators were uncomfortable imposing a specific limit unless they had science to support the proposed numbers.

Supporters of the bill have pledged to continue their attempts at passing such legislation. Attorney General John Suthers was extremely disappointed by the bill's failure, stressing that those driving under the influence have caused a great deal of damage within the state. Despite the fact that no set THC limits are in place, drivers may still be facing charges if they are driving under the influence of drugs.

Currently, Colorado is one of many states that often use drug recognition experts to determine whether or not a driver is impaired. These law enforcement officers are specially trained to look for signs that a driver is under the influence of drugs. The results of chemical tests are analyzed to determine the amount of drugs present in the driver's system.

If you have been charged with DUI, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. These charges can have serious consequences, and you need to preserve the options that are available for your situation. A conviction could result in the loss of your license, as well as high fines or jail time.