Colorado Regulators Develop New Medical Marijuana Rules

Andrew Kubicek, a 29-year-old employee of Remedy Care Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Denver, was arrested in November for distribution of child pornography. Law enforcement officials believe that Kubicek may have been a part of a larger peer-to-peer child porn distribution network, and intended to pass the pornography to another individual in the network.

The fact that Kubicek was a medical marijuana shop employee is not irrelevant. His arrest is one example of how the state of Colorado and local law enforcement agencies have increased scrutiny of the controversial marijuana shops and their employees.

Colorado Officials Step Up Enforcement of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Colorado regulators recently developed a set of tough rules for the medical marijuana trade. The 99-page document does not need approval by lawmakers, and will affect how medical marijuana is grown and distributed to the state's 116,000 medical marijuana patients.

The new rules cover the marijuana trade from seed to purchase. Four of the 99 pages of regulations list banned pesticides and other chemicals that may be used to grow marijuana. Also, patients who designate a primary marijuana dispensary must now stay with their choice for at least 120 days, at the request of shop owners, who can be fined if they fail to dispense the required six-plant-per-patient quota.

There are several new rules regarding the operation of medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Shops now need to videotape sales and keep the tapes for 20 days. The regulators set a new closing time of 7 p.m., and banned the consumption of marijuana on shop premises. Any food containing marijuana must include a complete list of ingredients as well as a warning that the item contains marijuana.

It is important to note that these new regulations only affect the commercial sale of marijuana, not the prescription and distribution of marijuana by medical doctors. The sale of medical marijuana in Colorado still remains controversial despite the new regulations.