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Unauthorized Use Of A Financial Transaction Device In Colorado

Though this crime has a very long name, it basically means that you used somebody else’s credit card or checkbook and bought or tried to buy goods or tried to get cash. Make no mistake about it however, this is a serious crime and in most cases in Colorado, the crime of Unauthorized use of a financial Transaction Device is charged as a felony and is accompanied with other felony crimes like Theft, Fraud, Forgery, or ID Theft.

I was in a bad place financially, and I am sorry for using someone else’s credit card, how can I make the judge understand what I was going through?

Times are tough, the economy is doing poorly and easy money or quick access to property or goods is a very tempting proposition for most people trying to make ends meet. Just because you fell to temptation and used your neighbor’s credit card, or financial information to get ahead doesn’t mean that you are a bad person and should go to jail or prison.

However, the district attorneys in Colorado understand that these types of Economic Crimes in Denver, Adams County, Boulder, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, or any other jurisdiction in our state, are only adding to the problem.

And because the Victim’s Bill of Rights in Colorado allows for victims of crimes to have a say in the outcome of your case, it means you are up against not only the insurance companies and banks that want their money back, you are also up against some angry ex-friends, relatives, or strangers, who feel you should be punished for ruining their credit or putting them in debt.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Does this sound like something you want to handle by yourself? Do you think the judge will give you an ounce of credibility as you stand there to plead your case and explain you needed money for that surgery, or quick cash so you can repair your car because your family needs you to work?

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates we are financial crimes defense attorneys and we understand why you did what you had to do and we aren’t sitting here judging you as a bad person. Part of being a Denver economic crimes defense lawyer is to have the compassion and understanding that people are just doing what they can to survive.

Every criminal defense attorney and staff member at our law firm has children and a family, and when we go home, we feel the same pressures and obligations to make ends meet that you do.

Call us today for a free consultation and from the moment you meet us, you will see and hear the compassion and understanding in our voices, and you will realize that you have found the legal defense team that wants to help you. We are available anytime for a free consult at 303-578-4036 or just email us using the form on this site.

What are some other financial crimes associated with this charge?

  1. Credit Card Theft in Colorado
  2. Check Theft / Stolen Checks
  3. Criminal Possession or Sale of a Blank Financial Transaction Device CRS 18-5-705
  4. Criminal Possession of Forgery devices CRS 18-5-706
  5. Unlawful Manufacture of a Financial Transaction Device CRS 18-5-707

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If you are charged with any of these financial crimes, call our office today so we can discuss your case, advise you of the law, and give you a better understanding of what you are up against. We are here to defend you, not to judge you, and we will fight for you every step of the way! Call our Colorado Financial Crimes defense team at 303-578-4036 today!