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Defending Colorado Clients Against Shoplifting Charges

Colorado courts are divided into two jurisdictions, Municipal Court and State Court. Shoplifting is considered a Municipal Court charge but the consequences to your freedom, your record, and your future career are anything but small.

It is important to know that shoplifting is a different financial crime charge than burglary.

Most often we see s hoplifting charges in Colorado occur at malls and outlet stores. Retail stores demand that their cities file shoplifting charges and punish theft from their businesses daily because of the enormous amount of lost revenue and higher prices that result from this crime. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, our Denver-based criminal defense attorneys frequently see shoplifting tickets issued by police at places like the Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree, Aspen Grove mall in Littleton, and other malls with department stores in cities like Greenwood Village, Aurora, Boulder, Lakewood, Golden, Arvada, Westminster, Brighton, Denver, and the list goes on and on.

Being caught s hoplifting is embarrassing. But that doesn’t even come close to the scary prospect of serving up to a year in county jail, up to a $1,000 fine, possible probation, and having a permanent record that stops you from getting into the job or career field of your dreams. Don’t take these charges lightly, the city attorney who is paid to prosecute you has immense pressure from their local community to put a permanent mark on your record and to make sure it never happens again.

I was charged with Shoplifting in Lone Tree and I am embarrassed and afraid; what do I do?

The first thing is to contact a law firm of criminal defense lawyers that has handled countless shoplifting charges. We are s hoplifting defense attorneys in Colorado and we have both taken these cases to trial, and also avoided trial by negotiating outcomes that allow our clients to have the peace of mind they need. Each case is different and your level of intent, your prior history, age, and criminal record all play a role in what may be your best solution. Regardless, the trained prosecutor sitting across from you in the courtroom is not interested in hearing how your “child placed the sweater” in your bag when you weren’t looking.

They don’t want to hear how you “forgot the diapers were in the bottom of the shopping cart” or how you “just tried the necklace on but forgot to pay for it”. They have heard it all, and the way they usually see it, you stole from their local business, and you are contributing to the poverty of their community, and you need to be punished.

I am going to school to be a PA or a Nurse, will a Shoplifting charge on my record ruin my career?

Every career path is different and you should consult your particular profession by calling their hotline or your school’s anonymous resource center, but the facts are that in this tough economy, jobs are at a premium, and people without criminal records get preferential treatment. We are here to help, but as Colorado criminal defense attorneys, we have an obligation to be candid with you and we promise we will do that every single time.

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At Shazam Kianpour & Associates we are shoplifting defense lawyers and we take your life, your future, and your family as seriously as you do. We will fight for you every step of the way and promise to not leave a single stone unturned in finding the way to best defend your shoplifting charges and criminal case. Call us for a free consultation today so we can meet and chat more about your case and how we can help. We are available to you anytime at 303-578-4036!