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Forgery and Forged Checks in Colorado

If you have been arrested and charged with forging an official document, passing a stolen check, or even doing something as silly as forging your supervisor’s name on a work time card or community service sheet ordered by the court, REMAIN SILENT and contact an experienced forgery defense lawyer at the law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates. Forgery is a serious crime and most often than not, it is charged as a class 5 felony (F5) in Colorado.

What Exactly Is Forgery In Colorado?

A person can be charged with forgery in Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, Boulder, Adams County, Jefferson County and all across Colorado if with intent to defraud such person falsely makes, completes, alters, or utters a written statement which purports to be an official financial, legal, government, or public document. In other words, you “faked” a document and you passed it hoping someone or some group would be fooled by it. As mentioned before in most cases, this is charged as a class 5 felony (F5) and can carry with it from one year to three years in state prison (DOC) and a mandatory period of parole if prison time is ordered by the court.

Is Forgery Always A Felony In Colorado?

No, in some instances, forgery can be charged as a class one misdemeanor (M1) but it still carries considerable jail time from six months up to 18 month if the court decides to incarcerate you. Misdemeanor forgery also carries with it a lifelong stigma and prejudice that tells employers, banks, landlords, schools, and lenders that you should not be trusted as you committed a “crime of moral turpitude”. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, we know that one mistake does not make you a bad person. Times are tough and finances are even worse. We are Denver forgery defense attorneys and we have spent over 20 combined years fighting for people’s rights to have their good name and reputation restored and to be given a second chance. We are compassionate about your life, family, and freedom because we have seen how the legal system takes a “no holds barred” approach at putting people away and ruining their criminal record.

I Forged a Check in Denver, and now the bank is pressing charges. Is my record ruined?

Perhaps you needed money badly and signed a check you found in your bosses office for a quick “loan” to yourself. Maybe your grandmother’s checkbook was lying around and you didn’t think she would mind if you borrowed a few hundred dollars to buy that Xbox One, or PS4 since you knew she loves you. Then she called the bank because she thought they had made a mistake. Well, by the time they figure out “who did it” and grandma or your boss realize that they would not want to press charges, well their bank already has! Don’t go it alone! Don’t speak to the police!

Call us first so we can advise you of your rights and help you right the ship before the matter gets out of hand. We are available to you for a free consultation anytime you call at 303-578-4036. We represent clients in all types of theft and other financial-based crimes.

Remember, that even something as simple as signing your spouse’s name on a check that you are ONLY going to deposit is, technically speaking, forgery unless you have his or her express consent to do so. However, most cases involve check forgery that takes place for different reasons. If you are a first-time offender and the crime was closely related to a gambling or drug abuse problem, attorney Shazam Kianpour may be able to get you placed in a diversion program and help you to avoid jail or prison time.

Shazam Kianpour & Associates means Colorado forgery defense lawyers and we represent clients in the Denver area and across Colorado’s Front Range who are either under investigation or who have already been arrested and charged with forgery crimes. When you call or email us, and hear our tone, you realize that we are not there to judge you, but rather there to help you. And you will understand why we say why us? Because when you need us, we are there for you. Your defense begins here at 303-578-4036. Call for a free consultation today.