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Defense Against Felony Sex Crime Charges

Felony sex assaults in Colorado are generally classified as class 4 Felonies. While most class 4 felonies can carry a presumptive sentence of two to six years in prison (Department of Corrections or DOC) with a three-year parole term, in Colorado, sex assaults do not follow the presumptive format.

Typical Sex Assault Sentences in Colorado

In Colorado, it does not matter what county you are charged in. Whether it is a general sex assault in Denver County, or a more aggravated sex assault on a child in Arapahoe County, Boulder County or any other county, the presumptive prison sentence is two years to life in prison with a lifetime parole term. Of course, there are a large variety of different sex crimes in Colorado and many are classified as class 3 felonies (F3), which can carry even harsher penalties than the F4 we are discussing here. It is easy to see why accomplished criminal defense lawyers in Colorado who specialize in sex crimes understand that a sex assault charge should be taken as serious as a murder charge. Often, the two can carry similar sentences. If a person is charged and convicted with an F4 sex crime, the judge sometimes has the option of handing out a probation sentence. This sentence usually carries with it a 10-year to life probation sentence. Any of the sentences handed out by a judge that carry the word “life” in their sentencing guidelines are called “indeterminate sentences.”

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In the 1990s, the Colorado state legislature promulgated laws that formed what is today known as the SOMB (Sex Offender Management Board). The SOMB employs a list of requirements known as the 5.7 criteria or standards. These criteria are the minimum amount of sex offender probation that a defendant has to satisfy before probation considers letting them close their case. Statistically, most people who receive indeterminate sentences end up in prison for a long time. That is why it is so important to contact Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., if you are charged with a sex crime in Colorado.

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Many people accused of felony sex crimes are charged and convicted because their anxiety over the charges and the police interrogation tactics compel them to make statements and admissions that help prosecutors later. They may think that by cooperating they are protecting themselves, when really they are only providing more evidence for a conviction.

We can step in early and “get between” you and the police and prosecutors, protecting your rights and preventing early misguided guilty pleas and other techniques meant to get you to cooperate in your own conviction. A good trial attorney needs to know how to portray his or her clients well, because juries are generally very unsympathetic with sex crime defendants. We have handled hundreds of felony and misdemeanor sex assault and sex crime cases and have a long record of success.

People charged with sex crimes often face ridicule from the public and their families. Just being accused of sexual assault can cost them their job, friends and their familial relationships. We are sensitive to the public perception and take the utmost care to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

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Getting out in front of these charges early and aggressively is key. At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., you will work with experienced attorneys who understand what is at stake for you and how to help you seek a favorable resolution.

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