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Posts tagged "Traffic Violations"

Deadly traffic violation leads to stricter law in Colorado

Traffic accidents happen all of the time in Colorado. They can lead to injuries, traffic citations and even more serious criminal allegations against drivers. In the case of a recent hit-and-run in Denver, a fatal accident inspired the creation of a new, harsher traffic law.

Colorado's red light cameras land mother with daughter's tickets

Do you like to pay for other people's mistakes? Neither does a Colorado mother who's gotten stuck with having to pay for traffic tickets that belong to her daughter. Colorado's use of red light cameras at certain intersections caught the daughter running lights on two occasions. But because the car being driven is in the mother's name, she now owes about $300 in fines.

Colorado safe driving campaign could mean upped traffic citations

Every now and then, especially during the months of warm weather, traffic safety campaigns occur throughout Colorado. Campaigns are often about drunk driving or seat belt violations. This week, Colorado safety advocates and officials are promoting safe driving within work zones.

Denver auditor criticizes red light and speeding cameras

Since 2002, some sort of speeding and red light camera program has been going on in parts of Colorado. The cameras are meant to help law enforcement catch people speeding or running red lights and, therefore, improve traffic safety. While Colorado residents and criminal defense attorneys have spoken out against the cameras for a while, a new critic of the programs has come forward.

Denver red-light cameras: Crossing the line?

We have discussed controversial red-light cameras on this criminal defense blog before. In fact, just last month, we posted a piece stating that Colorado Springs has put an end to its use of the cameras because they've found that citing people for alleged red-light traffic violations didn't provide more safety.

Denver drivers are at high risk of getting speeding tickets

Local news reports have jumped all over a nationwide study that looks into the number of "speed traps" found in various U.S. states and cities. Colorado residents have great interest in the study because it turns out that there are two cities here that make the top ten list of U.S. locations with the highest number of speed enforcement operations.

Accident involving no driver could still lead to criminal charges

How could a driver possibly face criminal charges related to a car accident when the accident took place while he wasn't driving? The question sounds a bit like a riddle, doesn't it?

Controversial red light and speed cameras spark legal disputes

We have shared information on this criminal defense blog before about the newer technologies that the state has used to try to catch people committing traffic violations. Law enforcement depends on red light cameras and speeding cameras to ticket people for running a light or speeding.

Colorado drivers lose licenses without breaking traffic laws

If you got a letter in the mail one day that told you your driver's license was revoked, would you think you were being tricked? You didn't get caught driving drunk, speeding or violating any other Colorado traffic laws. But still, the state tells you that you have to retake a driving test in order to have a valid driver's license.