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Posts tagged "Traffic Violations"

Colorado community's police department policies questioned

The Aurora, Colorado Police Department has been under scrutiny for practices that are said not to comply with federal standards. In particular, Aurora's policy of what is called the prosecuting of false complaints is deemed as a method to stifle all criticism of the police department's actions.

Reported traffic chase with bizarre set of facts

A woman has been charged with a variety of violations regarding an alleged traffic chase that ended with her supposedly crashing a vehicle in a Denver suburb. It is claimed that a high speed chase actually involved two separate vehicles with one of the vehicles eluding the authorities.

Colorado traffic violations and the point system

When viewing the local police reports in Colorado localities, one is struck by the number of traffic offenses that individuals can be charged with. Not only might it be difficult for a driver to understand all of the possible ways that they can be charged, the offenses are often dependent upon subjective observations of the arresting officers, and the fines that the alleged violators face can also often be significant.

Private associations handing out traffic tickets

A Colorado homeowner's association has taken it upon itself to issue speeding tickets to individuals that are allegedly caught driving more than 30 miles per hour while within the community gates. If the driver happens to be a visitor to the community, the individual they are there to visit will receive the fine.

Denver is handing out more and more parking tickets

Apparently, the city of Denver is making a great deal of money off of handing out parking tickets throughout the city. While in 2006, the city made a little over $15 million in revenue, in 2011 it had made close to $28 million - a 76 percent increase in just 5 years.

Denver police now subject to same traffic rules as everyone else

Whether it concerns criminal law, traffic law, or administrative fines, the legal system becomes unjust if such penalties are not handed out evenly. There have been many complaints in Denver of police officers running traffic lights while on routine duty and then ignoring the traffic tickets that they receive.

Traffic violations and construction zones

A Denver driving gained the attention of the Federal Highway Administration after receiving a traffic ticket and then complaining about how the construction zone signs were not visible or posted correctly. It appears that some of these portable signs were kept up beyond federal guideline standards, but drivers were continually being ticketed in any case.

School zones and traffic violations

It's the same every year for Denver police this time of year. Drivers are constantly being pulled over for traffic violations involving exceeding the speed limit for school zones. "We don't give warnings in school zones," said one police officer. "We have a zero tolerance policy."

Denver's issuing of tickets by red-light cameras

With increased use of red-light cameras being used to ticket various drivers, there has also been voiced a number of concerns as to the fairness of ticketing in this particular manner. The tickets sent out to drivers by mail often levy expensive fines. If tires go past the while line on a red light, the fine can be $40. If both rear tires go beyond the white line as well, the ticket can increase to $75.

Deadly traffic violation leads to stricter law in Colorado

Traffic accidents happen all of the time in Colorado. They can lead to injuries, traffic citations and even more serious criminal allegations against drivers. In the case of a recent hit-and-run in Denver, a fatal accident inspired the creation of a new, harsher traffic law.