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Posts tagged "Traffic Violations"

Man accused of being stoned, causing crash with Colorado troopers

Legalized marijuana in Colorado has only been in place for half of a month, but police are already accusing a man of causing a crash with Colorado State Patrol troopers while he was under the influence of drugs. They say he was most likely high from marijuana, although no test results were listed in a news report.

Broncos' Hillman faces traffic ticket for driving without license

These days, fans of the Denver Broncos are probably most focused on the team's ongoing playoff bout. Although the Broncos have had a successful season on the field, one player temporarily ran into difficulty off the field. Ronnie Hillman, a backup running back, was cited by a police officer for a misdemeanor traffic violation.

Denver area man stopped for speeding, facing drug charges

When someone is pulled over for speeding, they might think they will just apologize, accept responsiblity and the police officer might be kind enough to let the person off with a warning. Sometimes, people are pulled over, and to their surprise they are arrested. This could be for numerous reasons, and it might be wise for a person in this situation to speak with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney.

Colorado traffic stop results in two arrests

Two people were arrested in seperate incidents stemming from one traffic stop. The arrests came earlier this month after a woman was stopped in her car, and police arrested her on multiple charges. Reports don't indicated what prompted the original traffic stop, but she is now facing very severe charges of suspicion of identity theft, motor vehicle burglary and home burglary.

Man killed after police shoot him in Colorado traffic stop

A man was shot and killed earlier this month by Colorado law enforcement after reportedly being pulled over by police. The man was allegedly stopped because of a traffic violation, but police say he ran. While the officers chased the man, they said that they believed he had a gun, so he was shot.

Denver traffic stop subject of U.S. Supreme Court case

The alleged conduct of a Denver police officer during a traffic stop has resulted in a civil rights violation case making its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. It all began with a woman driver accused of driving erratically by a Denver police officer after she claims to have had to quickly changed lanes to avoid a collision with the police officer that she says cut her off.  

Colorado driver charged with felony concerning alleged chase

A Colorado driver allegedly led law enforcement officers on a four county chase. Police claim the driver was traveling at speeds of 100 to 110 miles per hour, and several times swerved to avoid spike strips that authorities had placed upon the road.

Colorado motorcyclist accused of traveling 130 miles per hour

It is alleged that a motorcycle rider was traveling at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour before entering into the state of Colorado. A police pursuit of the rider eventually led to the motorcyclist being pulled over north of Fort Collins. However, nobody was injured while the chase allegedly went on, and the motorcyclist was apparently not observed in breaking any Colorado laws.