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Traffic violations might be life-altering events

In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the ways that traffic violations can affect your life. In that post, we covered some of the impacts that traffic violations can have on your job. Some workers, such as big rig drivers and delivery drivers, depend on having a clean driving record. Even a seemingly small traffic violation can stop a person from being able to work in those fields.

Why your job might be affected after traffic violations

If you're involved in a truck accident, you're already likely worried about how it will affect your personal life as well as your work. Your employer may have strict rules about what happens if you're in a crash, and if you're cited with a traffic violation, you could be put on probation at work or worse. If you were at fault, you could be held liable for any injuries you caused someone else in the accident, which is why it's important never to admit fault at the scene. Allow the police time to review the accident and the insurance companies time to finish their own investigations.

Do you understand the many types of traffic violations?

It's important for every driver to understand the responsibility associated with operating a motor vehicle. If for any reason you get lazy, there's a good chance that you could be pulled over and charged with some type of traffic violation.

Fight back against traffic violations

Any traffic ticket is something that has the chance to greatly impact your finances. In some cases, you might be prepared for the initial impact of the ticket, which would be the fine that comes along with it. What you might not realize is that the financial impact of the traffic violation might go far beyond the initial cost of the fine. You might have to deal with a driver's license suspension or having to take classes.

What are traffic infractions and offenses?

If you've been accused of traffic-related crimes or infractions, it's important that you know that you have the right to defend yourself. You can decide that you don't accept the ticket you've been given or don't agree with the traffic offense charges you face. Your attorney can help you defend yourself, so you can make sure you aren't treated unfairly or with a bias.

Two Denver police officers arrested for alleged drunken driving

Longtime readers will undoubtedly recall some of our previous blog posts about Denver police officers who were arrested for allegedly driving drunk. Two more DPD officers have been arrested in recent days, including one about an hour south of us in Castle Rock.