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Principal Colorado DUI crackdown campaign once again in force

When some Colorado residents hear the slogan "The Heat Is On" (and people across the state do hear it on a recurring basis), they just might be prompted to pose this rhetorical question: Isn't it always on?

Should I refuse to take a breath test when accused of a DUI?

One of the key pieces of evidence for the police when they accuse someone of driving under the influence of alcohol is the breath test. A blood test is also a very strong piece of evidence, but essentially they both amount to one thing: a scientific piece of evidence that shows how intoxicated the accused person was when they were arrested under the suspicion of DUI.

Why are pre-trial motions so critical in DUI cases?

As we have mentioned so many times prior to this, getting a lawyer when you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is absolutely vital. Today, we're going to focus in on just one of the details during a DUI case at trial, and why having an attorney during this one step can mean the difference between evidence being allowed, and evidence being deemed inadmissible.

11 DUIs: man held after yet another DUI

It wasn't even three weeks ago that we brought you the story of a man who was arrested for the 10th time on the charge of driving under the influence. That's an astonishing number of DUI arrests, but one of the other main points from that story is that the media likes to cover these outlandish stories and make light of the person's unfortunate circumstances.

Financial toll of a DUI: consider these important factors

When you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, there are a number of consequences that accompany the accusation. For example, your personal reputation will be damaged. Your friends and family may view you differently or treat you differently. There could also be professional consequences. You could lose your job or have penalties imposed upon you at your job -- or you could find it difficult to find new work if you don't have a job currently.

Colorado DUI patrol catches 276 people during Super Bowl weekend

Last week, we wrote a post that served as a warning to Colorado residents about drinking during the Super Bowl and then getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Many people heeded that warning -- and unfortunately, many people didn't. According to a task force of 76 law enforcement agencies that had a goal of finding drunk drivers during Super Bowl Weekend, there were 276 drunk driving arrests from Feb. 5 to Feb.8 under this heightened DUI patrol.

Cars aren't the only vehicle that can trigger a DUI

When you hear about a drunk driving case, chances are you aren't thinking about it occurring on a body of water. However, boating under the influence is a very real charge, and it carries many of the same penalties that a DUI has. The penalties are largely influenced by the circumstances of your case and the laws that apply in your state. For example, here in Colorado, the blood alcohol limit for a boater is 0.10.

There is a lot to consider after being charged with a DUI offense

Last week, we wrote about how Super Bowl Sunday is statistically a heightened day when it comes to drunk driving offenses. Now that Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone -- and the hometown Denver Broncos have raised the Lombardi Trophy -- there will be plenty of stories that come out in the days ahead that highlight all of the DUI offenses that occurred during Super Bowl Weekend. It's all part of the cycle.