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Support is crucial for people addicted to drugs

While many people see drugs as a criminal issue, for the people who are using them, drugs are more of a health issue. Drug addiction is a real issue that must be addressed if the person is going to have any hope of getting clean and avoiding future criminal charges.

You can fight drug paraphernalia charges

You might be shocked to hear you're being charged with a drug paraphernalia charge after a traffic stop. What does a spoon have to do with drugs, after all? In some cases it may mean nothing, and in others, the police may believe you're using illegal drugs. Simply possessing some prohibited items can lead to a charge, but the line is blurred.

Colorado's drug paraphernalia law is very specific

Some drug charges include a charge for the paraphernalia that is associated with the drugs. In some instances, a person can face charges for the paraphernalia without having to face charges for the actual drugs. While drug paraphernalia charges aren't usually as harsh as the laws for drug possession or drug sales, it is still a blemish on your criminal record if you are convicted of this charge.

Football player faces drug charges after altercation in bar

A good moment can so quickly become a regrettable one when tempers run unchecked. Two of University of Colorado's players, fresh off clinching a victory that placed the team in the Pac-12 title game, came to blows while celebrating at bar after the win. What could have been a relatively simple matter of assault became more serious charges, however. While one player was arrested on third-degree assault charges, the other player, who was knocked out in the altercation, was found to have two small baggies of an unidentified substance in his wallet when searched by the police. 

New Denver regulation unfair to businesses

For those in Denver who choose to partake in recreational marijuana, the matter is still not as simple as "it's legal, you can smoke wherever you want." Of course, other substances such as tobacco and alcohol face similar restrictions, too. Despite the passage of Initiative 300, smoking marijuana is legal, but there are still some ways to run afoul of the law with it.

Greater recreational freedom entails greater responsibility

It's no secret that one of the big winners of the recent election was the turning tide of public opinion regarding marijuana, with nearly all of the states who had legalization initiatives on their ballots passing them. Of course, Colorado has been blazing that particular trail for some time, as one the very first states to pass legalization measures. For some reason, however, many residents of the state are not content to settle for those substances which have been made legal for recreational use -- a lesson each new state experimenting with its own legalization measures will have to face in their own time.

Former narcotics sergeant faces drug charges

It is one American citizens' most precious rights to be have an attorney represent them, regardless of their status in a community or the nature of the charges that they may be facing. More often than not this precious right comes to bear for those we do not expect, and exactly that scenario is playing out in Denver.

Traffic stop yields drug charges, murder suspects

A routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn recently and resulted in arrests for three individuals suspected of the murder of a Colorado man. Officers in Illinois found that a car they had pulled over belonged to a man whose body had later been found, while the car itself contained traces of blood, weapons, and some drugs. The three individuals were arrested at the scene.

Colorado unwitting dealer to other states

Authorities in Baraboo, Wisconsin, are pointing fingers at Colorado after arresting two young men who they say traveled for hours to cross state lines to purchase significant quantities of marijuana and returned to Wisconsin with the intent to sell. According to authorities, one of the young men had been making the long trip on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.