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Posts tagged "Drug Possession"

Spotlight on Denver Police Department's inaccurate crime data

The Denver Police Department is no different from peer organizations across the country in wanting to be as accurate as possible regarding crime reporting and classification. As a recent Denver Post article duly notes, "Inaccurate or false crime data can damage a department's credibility."

A legitimate search-and-seizure query in many criminal law cases

Many news followers in Colorado and nationally are regularly bombarded with articles featuring all manner of story lines. Given the sheer number and diversity of competing news bits, it is course quite often the case that readers quickly scan over some stories with little or no regard for their details or potentially deeper meaning.

A train not stopping: call for criminal law reforms gains steam

Many of our readers in Denver and across Colorado certainly note -- and likely criticize -- the constant bickering that our national lawmakers routinely engage in on Capitol Hill, and the resulting inaction that follows in its steady wake.

Criminal law commentator points to "crisis" in forensic work

We would ask our readers across Colorado to try to imagine for just a moment the sheer consternation of criminal prosecutors in another state earlier this year when they had to ditch more than 21,000 drug cases they were working on.

Wrongful convictions scandal: Could such a thing happen in Colorado?

If you read our blog posts chronicling criminal law stories and developments relevant to Colorado, you likely harbor no illusions concerning the uniform stance of state officials toward alleged drug-crime activities and their zero-sum insistence upon aggressively prosecuting and seeking harsh sentencing outcomes for offenders.