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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Drunk driver injures Colorado family

A Colorado family on the way to Denver International Airport was recently injured by a suspected drunken driver when he rear-ended their minivan with his truck. The family was bogged down in a traffic jam surrounding several state troopers who were on the scene of another reported drunken driving accident when the accused drunken driver collided with the back of their minivan, pushing the vehicle up under an adjacent semi-truck.

What is DWAI in Colorado?

For those who are apprehended for driving in Colorado while they have any alcohol in their bloodstream, the penalties can range from a light slap on the wrist to severe fines and jail time. The law makes provision for courts to levee charges against a driver even in circumstances where the driver's blood alcohol content is below the legal limit of 0.08 percent at the time of the traffic stop. In these cases, an individual may be charged with driving while ability impaired, a charge generally implying a BAC between 0.05 and 0.08 percent.

Arrested for DUI? Start planning your defense right away

Facing drunk driving charges can be an intense event in your life. Most defendants are afraid of the possible consequences and with good reason. A conviction is serious and can impose long-lasting difficulties on your entire lifestyle. With these ramifications in mind, it is unsurprising that so many people panic when they are arrested for drunk driving. While understandable, panicking is a terrible response as it can cripple you into inaction. A better response is to begin planning your defense strategy immediately, and an attorney can definitely help.

A question about driving high in Colorado

We all know that in Colorado, adults may possess and consume marijuana under certain conditions. We might not all know the parameters of laws regulating its use, however; most importantly, laws regarding the use of marijuana and driving.

Some DUI cases are, well, a bit more memorable than others

Well, it's quite a picture indeed, and evidence that any police department would submit in a hurry to contest a probable cause challenge questioning why a motorist was stopped on a roadway.

DUI repercussions: Don't forget the spiked insurance premium

There is a billboard beside an Arizona freeway showing a male motorist being administered a breathalyzer test following a police stop for suspected drunk driving.