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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Colorado Labor Day DUIs drop from last year

Although the state of Colorado has likely seen a drop this year in the number of people arrested over the Labor Day drunken driving enforcement, Denver was not a major contributor to the good news.

The heat is on in Denver in more ways than one

The weather forecasts for the days leading up to the holiday are for a sizzling Denver. The Colorado Department of Transportation and State Patrol are already telling drivers across the state that the coming Labor Day weekend holiday will be blissfully long and hot -- and they're not referring to temperatures.

Colorado city says distracted driving more dangerous than DUI driving

The data, the research and common sense tell us that both behaviors can be dangerous: drunken driving and distracted driving. But according to Colorado Springs law enforcement, distracted drivers are now the leading cause of traffic fatalities in the city 70 miles south of Denver.

Do you drink more or less than average?

The American public gets conflicting reports on health issues on a regular basis. Remember when pork, eggs and wine were deadly? (Or so they seemed from breathless news reports.) Now they're apparently OK in moderation.

Waking up to a DUI nightmare

When some people wake up, the first thing they do is reach over and give their sweetheart a good-morning kiss. Others reach over and check their phones for message, while still others stretch and yawn and head for the bathroom.

Colorado's weekend DUI numbers roll in

It was a three-day weekend of fireworks, hot dogs, friends, picnics, family and fun. Last weekend's Fourth of July celebration was also a time in which the Denver Police Department and other Colorado law enforcement agencies stepped up efforts to identify and arrest people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Denver police to blow up holiday weekends with DUI arrests

It's the nation's birthday and celebrations are invariably loud and colorful. They smell good, too, with delicious scents wafting through the Denver air from grills ready to feed hungry masses of family and friends.

Plea bargains: An imperfect solution to difficult problems

Many times, people will see on Denver TV that someone suspected of a crime has agreed to a plea bargain and feel that the suspect got off easily. Many people have argued that plea bargains should be done away with entirely so that those found guilty have to deal with the full consequences of their illegal acts.

A blemished record can be costly

His coaching record here in Denver at Metro State University is a jaw-dropping list of accomplishments. The Roadrunners have made the NCAA Division II tournament in each of his five years. They've appeared in the national title game, the Final Four, the Elite Eight and the Sweet Sixteen in that time.