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False rape claim doesn't end man's NFL dream, part 1

The criminal justice system doesn't always work the way that people think it should. Sometimes, the wrong people are accused of a crime. Sometimes those wrong people are put in jail. But the wrong people can be vindicated with the persistence of advocates for justice who are armed with the truth.

Colorado man spent 17 years in prison for rape he didn't commit

We all like to think that the system works. Those who are not guilty of crimes stay out of jail and those who are guilty are sentenced appropriately. But tragically, the criminal justice system isn't perfect. That imperfection that exists among investigators and within the trial process can send innocent people to jail.

Did system hastily target disabled teen in Colorado rape case?

Once a person becomes the suspect of a crime in Colorado, the legal process that's ahead of him could mean that years of his life are about to be filled with stress related to investigation, trial and media hoopla. That is why it's crucial for law enforcement and prosecutors to do due diligence when handling a case, especially when the case involves the future and reputation of a young suspect.

Jury acquits Cox of sexual assault due to lack of important evidence

We've been tracking the Colorado sexual assault case against former Denver Bronco Perrish Cox for some time now, and the high-profile case has finally come to its end. In the most recent update about this case, we noted that a witness for the prosecution shared a supposed detail about the September night when the rape allegedly happened. He claimed that Cox had picked the victim up over his shoulders and announced that she "was ready" before taking her into his room -- where the sexual assault allegedly occurred

Both sides in rape case against Denver Bronco surprised in court

Television programs and movies can make court cases seem dramatic and unpredictable. But in reality, the only people who might commonly be surprised in the process of a trial is a jury. The prosecution and defense are generally prepared for the evidence that is to come. They share evidence in preparation for the trial in order to give each side a fair chance at evaluating evidence from both sides.

Federal immigration database change inspired by sex assault case

It isn't just Colorado that takes sex crime allegations extremely seriously; the U.S. as a country leaves little room for sex assault suspects to come out of a criminal case with any privacy or integrity intact. Sex crimes are so widely stigmatized across the country that it's not uncommon for an individual case to effect national change.

Sex assault claim isn't a conviction or reason to attack suspect

It's not surprising that a parent would become emotional if they believed that their child were a victim of sexual assault. However, there are laws for a reason. They are meant to protect people's safety and the overall good of the community. If everyone were treated by society as a convicted criminal simply after being accused of a crime, a lot of us would be in trouble.

Child porn charges could be dismissed against Colorado man

There are set standards within the legal process. Those standards help to ensure that criminal cases are handled with equal care. They help provide a criminal suspect the best chance at defending his name. The set process helps give defense attorneys and prosecutors equal chance at building a case for or against a defendant.

Denver 'role model's' work at risk due to sex abuse charge

His story is one of the American dream. A now 34-year-old accomplished athlete, coach and counselor came here as an immigrant. He brought his hopes and passions to Colorado, proving himself as an All-American athlete at the University of Colorado and a guiding light to students at a local high school.

Attacks continue against Colorado sex offender

In the past, we have discussed sex offender laws and how they severely limit the freedoms of convicted offenders. The severity of supposed crimes varies but the registry can still mean significant life-changing rules for a person. And if having to register as a sex offender isn't enough, the public always can make someone who is trying to rebuild his life extremely difficult.