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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Blood or breath: What's the best sobriety test option?

You were pulled over by police in Colorado, and they suspect you've been drinking and driving. Then, the moment of truth comes. They gave you the option of taking a Breathalyzer test or submitting to a blood test. Both sobriety test options have their own unique advantages and disadvantages when you are facing the threat of a criminal charge of driving under the influence.

A DUI arrest doesn't always mean a conviction

Maybe you had a couple of drinks with family or friends. Maybe you got behind the wheel afterward. A police officer stopped you and after conducting some tests, he or she suspected you of driving under the influence. Does an arrest equal a conviction?

Sheriff's deputy allegedly intoxicated at work, gets arrested

If you've been enjoying the benefits of a good, strong drink for a number years, it' easy to underestimate just how intoxicated you are. The human body builds up a remarkable tolerance to alcohol, leaving many individuals who are legally impaired believing that they are perfectly fine to operate a vehicle or engage in other activities. In fact, it can happen to just about anyone.

Luck of the leprechaun this Friday? Police say don't bet on it

For those who like to occasionally meet and socialize outside their homes with friends (and, candidly, who doesn't fit that description?), is it really propitious that St. Patrick's Day -- certainly on the short list of any calendar entry vying for top-party day of the year -- falls on a Friday this year?

How are sobriety checkpoints legal?

Sobriety checkpoints are a frustrating reality of our current legal system, but their acceptance is far from universal. Currently, about 20 percent of the country has outlawed their use on constitutional grounds. At a federal level, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled nearly thirty years ago that sobriety checkpoints could be used by law enforcement without violating citizens' rights because the intrusion to drivers is relatively minimal compared to the increased safety offered to the public. However, while Colorado does allow law enforcement to use sobriety checkpoints, it must do so according to appropriate guidelines.

Protecting your rights when suspected of DUI

You've likely heard that drunk drivers cause approximately half of all fatal accidents in Colorado. Statistics suggest such estimations are high. Although any life lost because a person drove drunk is one life too many, it's worth noting that not every person pulled over and charged with DUI is guilty of the crime. Also, if you are charged with driving under the influence (or any other criminal offense) you are presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. Not every drunk driving charge results in conviction.

Can your broken headlight lead to DUI charges?

Whether you are the proud owner of a brand new, high-power turbo sports car, or you are happy driving the same old pre-owned vehicle you got a great deal on at the used car lot, car maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your car on the road. Regularly checking air pressure in tires, transmission fluid and all head, brake and tail lights for proper levels and functioning is a good habit most conscientious car owners have.

Think carefully when you are pulled over for drunk driving

In a recent blog post, we discussed a case of a man who was sent to prison for his ninth DUI conviction. While this is a fairly extreme case of felony DUI, it is a stark reminder that drunk driving is a very serious crime.