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Blood Alcohol Tests Archives

What happens if you refuse a chemical test?

The last hot dogs have been downed, along with the final slices of watermelon. The Labor Day weekend is over and everyone has headed back to work and school. Some Denver residents might not be able to drive to the office or campus until Labor Day of 2016, however.

What should I do after being pulled over for DUI?

The lights go on. The siren sounds. You look into your rearview mirror and you see a Denver Police squad car. With a glance, you check your speedometer. You weren't speeding, so why are you being pulled over? It's then that the thought occurs to you: that drink you had just before leaving the office get-together after work. Will the officer be able to smell alcohol on you?

Colorado steps up efforts to get accurate alcohol blood tests

On the first day of this month, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's Forensic Services began toxicology testing for DUI cases involving alcohol or drugs. The testing service will spread to Denver later this year, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

After DUI, hookah-blowing Ty Lawson appears to want out of Denver

Hoops fans and regular readers will no doubt recall that earlier this year we wrote about the run-in Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson had with an area police officer. In late January, Lawson was reportedly pulled over for speeding and then arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Breathalyzer puts Colorado mayor near aggravated DUI limit

Denver residents might be familiar with the tiny town of Dillon as a pit stop on the way to Vail or Breckenridge. The mini municipality has a population of just 900 or so, including its mayor.

Governor signs Colorado felony DUI bill

Gov. John Hickenlooper will be hopping on I-70 today, heading toward Wheat Ridge to sign a bill long discussed and debated in Colorado. Today is finally the day on which the governor will sign the felony DUI bill, making a fourth DUI offense a felony.

Are Colorado's saturation patrols effective?

One of the favored DUI deterrence tactics used by Colorado law enforcement agencies is sending out a swarm of police cars to look for impaired drivers. Known as saturation patrols, these swarms of police -- many of whom have special training to identify signs of intoxication by alcohol, marijuana and other drugs -- are often used on special weekends.

Temperatures are rising across Colorado

The snow line has receded, the Colorado Rockies are taking the field and the Denver air is warm with the promise of coming summer. Spring is here and that means law enforcement across the state is going to turn up the heat by increasing DUI patrols.

What is 'Level I Education'?

Is Level I education a class carpenters take to learn how to make sure boards on a horizontal surface are even? No. Is it a class for surveyors? Again, no. Level I Education refers to the classes offered by the Colorado Department of Human Services' Office of Behavioral Health for those drivers convicted of driving under the influence.