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Aspen teacher's career on the line after drug charges

For some people, even the hint of impropriety is enough to end their careers. These jobs typically are in the public eye or are in positions of influence. Teachers are prime examples of Coloradoans who are especially sensitive to bad press. Even when there is little to no evidence of wrongdoing, just an arrest is often enough to seriously threaten a teacher's career. An Aspen middle school teacher has already been suspended after he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Colorado Teacher Accused of Sex Offense

Last Wednesday, a Colorado man was arrested based on suspicion that he has had inappropriate contact with minors. As a foreign language teacher at Longmont High School, Alex Tinsley has consistent interaction with his young students. It was when an outsider saw Tinsley outside of school with one of his female students that Tinsley was reported as demonstrating behavior that the witness believed went beyond friendly and into the realm of sexual assault on a child.