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Posts tagged "speeding"

Colorado motorcyclist accused of traveling 130 miles per hour

It is alleged that a motorcycle rider was traveling at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour before entering into the state of Colorado. A police pursuit of the rider eventually led to the motorcyclist being pulled over north of Fort Collins. However, nobody was injured while the chase allegedly went on, and the motorcyclist was apparently not observed in breaking any Colorado laws.

Private associations handing out traffic tickets

A Colorado homeowner's association has taken it upon itself to issue speeding tickets to individuals that are allegedly caught driving more than 30 miles per hour while within the community gates. If the driver happens to be a visitor to the community, the individual they are there to visit will receive the fine.

Traffic violations and construction zones

A Denver driving gained the attention of the Federal Highway Administration after receiving a traffic ticket and then complaining about how the construction zone signs were not visible or posted correctly. It appears that some of these portable signs were kept up beyond federal guideline standards, but drivers were continually being ticketed in any case.

School zones and traffic violations

It's the same every year for Denver police this time of year. Drivers are constantly being pulled over for traffic violations involving exceeding the speed limit for school zones. "We don't give warnings in school zones," said one police officer. "We have a zero tolerance policy."

Former Denver officer believes DUI punishment was too severe

There is no doubt that a drunk driving conviction can mean significant life consequences for a person. And that is true no matter who the supposed offender is, even if he is a police officer. It takes aggressive representation by a criminal defense attorney for a defendant to have a better shot at regaining his normal life back after a DUI arrest.

Denver drivers are at high risk of getting speeding tickets

Local news reports have jumped all over a nationwide study that looks into the number of "speed traps" found in various U.S. states and cities. Colorado residents have great interest in the study because it turns out that there are two cities here that make the top ten list of U.S. locations with the highest number of speed enforcement operations.

Controversial red light and speed cameras spark legal disputes

We have shared information on this criminal defense blog before about the newer technologies that the state has used to try to catch people committing traffic violations. Law enforcement depends on red light cameras and speeding cameras to ticket people for running a light or speeding.

Man's right to free speech violated during traffic stop

If you have ever been pulled over before, especially if you have been pulled over multiple times for minimal reasons, you likely understand why one Colorado man did what he did.

Red light camera ticket vs. standard traffic ticket in Colorado

So many actions and aspects of our lives are made easier due to technology. We value the efficiency of certain machine-operated functions, until such machines cost us a traffic ticket.

Colorado father misses child's birth for traffic violation

"It's something they took away from us that we can never get back," says a father who wishes he could have been there when his most recent child was born in a Denver hospital. Why wasn't he there? According to reports, the father was pulled over for speeding while on the way to the hospital. He couldn't get out of custody in time to be by his wife's side during the delivery.