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Man wanted after convictions of sexual assault in Denver area

A man was scheduled to be in court for his verdict in a sexual assault case, but according to reports the man never showed up. He was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. These charges were very serious, and the conviction would have resulted in the man serving time in prison.

Forum held for individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes

Wrongful accusations of sexual assault harm more than just the individual that is accused. Those accused have family members and friends that can be badly harmed as well.

Father who killed supposed child molester charged with no crime

Earlier this month, we shared a post about an out-of-state case that was being investigated as a homicide. The case is no longer being investigated, and the father at the center of it escaped criminal charges.

Did system hastily target disabled teen in Colorado rape case?

Once a person becomes the suspect of a crime in Colorado, the legal process that's ahead of him could mean that years of his life are about to be filled with stress related to investigation, trial and media hoopla. That is why it's crucial for law enforcement and prosecutors to do due diligence when handling a case, especially when the case involves the future and reputation of a young suspect.

Sex assault claim isn't a conviction or reason to attack suspect

It's not surprising that a parent would become emotional if they believed that their child were a victim of sexual assault. However, there are laws for a reason. They are meant to protect people's safety and the overall good of the community. If everyone were treated by society as a convicted criminal simply after being accused of a crime, a lot of us would be in trouble.

Denver 'role model's' work at risk due to sex abuse charge

His story is one of the American dream. A now 34-year-old accomplished athlete, coach and counselor came here as an immigrant. He brought his hopes and passions to Colorado, proving himself as an All-American athlete at the University of Colorado and a guiding light to students at a local high school.

Colorado 'sexting' allegation escalates to sexual assault charge

For the most part, we see technology as making our lives easier and more entertaining. But we consistently see, too, how technology can land a person in trouble with the law. In particular, you have probably heard stories about "sexting." Despite the relatively cutesy name, sexting can lead to serious ends.

Colorado school employee suspected of sex assault on child

With any criminal charge being attached to someone's name, it is always important to respond quickly with effective, aggressive legal support. But in certain cases, such swift, protective action seems especially important. One of those types of cases is when an adult is arrested for alleged child sexual assault.

Young Colorado Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Daycare Kids

On last Wednesday, August 4, Denver's Park Hill United Methodist Daycare Center was running as usual, its doors open to the 150 plus young children who attend the daycare. The facility has been open for nearly 30 years, and now allegations that a summer hire sexually assaulted multiple children enrolled in the daycare have led to the daycare's doors being closed.