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Posts tagged "sexual abuse"

Financial Value of Stopping Sex Offenses in Prison, Part 2

This post continues and concludes the financial argument for protecting U.S. inmates and corrections workers from sex abuse in jails and prisons. If the ethical reason that prisoners are people too and deserve to feel safe in government facilities isn't enough, then human rights advocates hope that financial reasons will help affect change within the system:

Prisoners Serving Their Time Too Often Abused in the System

A recent, nationally important piece was included in a Denver source that serves as a pressing call to action for human rights supporters. The Justice Department's Bureau of Statistics investigated the United States' prison and jail systems and uncovered the truth behind the sexual abuse that occurs within the country's correctional facilities.

Young Colorado Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Daycare Kids

On last Wednesday, August 4, Denver's Park Hill United Methodist Daycare Center was running as usual, its doors open to the 150 plus young children who attend the daycare. The facility has been open for nearly 30 years, and now allegations that a summer hire sexually assaulted multiple children enrolled in the daycare have led to the daycare's doors being closed.