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Posts tagged "sex crime"

Colorado changing rules regarding confessions of guilt

A Colorado man was convicted of sexual assault based upon a confession that he made. However, this individual's confession was overturned by an appeals court because prosecutors will unable to prove that his confession was trustworthy. The Colorado Supreme Court refused to reverse the court of appeals ruling.

Denver police officer argues no DNA evidence supports rape charge

It doesn't matter who you are, if you are charged with a crime, there needs to be enough reliable evidence to convince a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the crime prosecutors are accusing you of. This holds true if you are an ordinary Denver resident or someone in a position of power, like a police officer with the Denver Police Department. Unfortunately for one Denver officer, the prosecutor is trying very hard to sidestep that evidentiary requirement.

Child porn charges could be dismissed against Colorado man

There are set standards within the legal process. Those standards help to ensure that criminal cases are handled with equal care. They help provide a criminal suspect the best chance at defending his name. The set process helps give defense attorneys and prosecutors equal chance at building a case for or against a defendant.

Denver 'role model's' work at risk due to sex abuse charge

His story is one of the American dream. A now 34-year-old accomplished athlete, coach and counselor came here as an immigrant. He brought his hopes and passions to Colorado, proving himself as an All-American athlete at the University of Colorado and a guiding light to students at a local high school.

Denver Bronco pleads not guilty to sex assault charge

From the perspective of the public, it seems as though professional athletes wind up in legal trouble more often than the average person. It could be because they truly get in trouble, but it could also be that they are easy targets of people seeking to benefit from their downfall.

Defense finds holes in Colorado woman's rape allegation

The legal system doesn't take criminal accusations lightly, and neither do we. Colorado sex crime charges have a significant effect on suspects' lives, whether they are found guilty or not guilty of the charges.

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe Free from Sex Crime Claim

He might no longer be a Bronco, but details about the former Denver NFL player Shannon Sharpe's life are still in play within the Denver media. And the most recent news about Sharpe had the public worried about the player's reputation.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Over Teen Sexting Case

A federal lawsuit filed by the teenage girl at the center of a Pennsylvania sexting scandal could be a major turning point on an issue that has garnered confusion and criticism across the country. The woman in question, who is now nineteen, claims that high school officials went much farther than legally allowed in taking her cell phone and searching for nude pictures on it.