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Colorado teacher accused of sexual assault of students

Sometime people are arrested for crimes that could result in the end of their career. A teacher in Colorado is facing accusations of sex assault of a child by a person in a position of trust. According to reports, police believe that the man had contact with more than one student.

False allegations of rape result in serious consequences

Though the study comes out of England, the consequences of false rape allegations are applicable to Colorado residents as well. The study in question found that such false allegations are rare, but the results can be devastating.

Colorado changing rules regarding confessions of guilt

A Colorado man was convicted of sexual assault based upon a confession that he made. However, this individual's confession was overturned by an appeals court because prosecutors will unable to prove that his confession was trustworthy. The Colorado Supreme Court refused to reverse the court of appeals ruling.

Four men falsely accused of rape by alleged victim

In a neighboring state of Colorado, a woman has been convicted of making false allegations of rape and sexual assault. Apparently, the woman claimed that she was raped by four men including one individual that was arrested because of the allegations.

Legislation proposed to compensate the wrongfully convicted

A Denver Senator has proposed legislation that would compensate wrongfully convicted individuals for time that they have spent in prison. If such a bill were to pass, Colorado would join 27 other states that have passed similar legislation.

Man accused of sexual assault by University of Colorado police

A 29-year-old was recently arrested by the University of Colorado Boulder police on suspicion of committing a sex crime. His arrest came right before officials were going to issue a safety alert related to the sexual assault that supposedly happened at Williams Village.

Denver-area school sued over teacher's sexual assault

Three ex-students are suing a suburban Denver high school and its school district over a former teacher who was found guilty of sex crimes. The teacher, who was also a wrestling coach, was recently found guilty in the sexual assault of a student.

Alleged sex assault in Denver airport upsets community

Late Monday night, a woman reportedly missed her flight from the Denver International Airport. It was after that when the woman claims she was attacked by a man in the airport. She alleges that the suspect, a former Marine, raped her in an airport concourse while others around failed to help her as she expected.

Judge: Denver Bronco's sex crime case gets no special treatment

As we have discussed before within this blog, criminal charges of any kind have a significant impact on the course of one's life. Sometimes, the impact is intensified when the defendant's life is lived largely in the public eye.

Defense finds holes in Colorado woman's rape allegation

The legal system doesn't take criminal accusations lightly, and neither do we. Colorado sex crime charges have a significant effect on suspects' lives, whether they are found guilty or not guilty of the charges.