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Posts tagged "restraining order"

Mel Gibson has an enemy in his stepmom, who wants restraining order

Surprise, surprise. Former A-list actor Mel Gibson is the target of another legal attack. He's in the limelight due to a more personal matter this time, involving his father and his stepmother. ABC News reports that the stepmom is seeking a restraining order against the star.

International group opposes past Colorado domestic violence case

Certain kinds of cases evoke stronger emotions than others. Crimes of violence create passionate responses, especially when they involve the deaths of children. A past, high-profile, Colorado domestic violence case not only made waves in the state, but it made them across the country and across international lines.

Colorado Domestic Violence Suspect Yet to Face Charges

Last weekend, what reports are calling a "SWAT standoff" took place at a Castle Rock home. It reportedly began when a 40-year-old suspect shot his pregnant wife in her shoulder. The suspect then allegedly locked himself in his home while the female victim and her son left the scene.

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe Free from Sex Crime Claim

He might no longer be a Bronco, but details about the former Denver NFL player Shannon Sharpe's life are still in play within the Denver media. And the most recent news about Sharpe had the public worried about the player's reputation.