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Denver police now subject to same traffic rules as everyone else

Whether it concerns criminal law, traffic law, or administrative fines, the legal system becomes unjust if such penalties are not handed out evenly. There have been many complaints in Denver of police officers running traffic lights while on routine duty and then ignoring the traffic tickets that they receive.

Colorado's red light cameras land mother with daughter's tickets

Do you like to pay for other people's mistakes? Neither does a Colorado mother who's gotten stuck with having to pay for traffic tickets that belong to her daughter. Colorado's use of red light cameras at certain intersections caught the daughter running lights on two occasions. But because the car being driven is in the mother's name, she now owes about $300 in fines.

Denver auditor criticizes red light and speeding cameras

Since 2002, some sort of speeding and red light camera program has been going on in parts of Colorado. The cameras are meant to help law enforcement catch people speeding or running red lights and, therefore, improve traffic safety. While Colorado residents and criminal defense attorneys have spoken out against the cameras for a while, a new critic of the programs has come forward.

Denver red-light cameras: Crossing the line?

We have discussed controversial red-light cameras on this criminal defense blog before. In fact, just last month, we posted a piece stating that Colorado Springs has put an end to its use of the cameras because they've found that citing people for alleged red-light traffic violations didn't provide more safety.

Controversial red light and speed cameras spark legal disputes

We have shared information on this criminal defense blog before about the newer technologies that the state has used to try to catch people committing traffic violations. Law enforcement depends on red light cameras and speeding cameras to ticket people for running a light or speeding.

Red light camera ticket vs. standard traffic ticket in Colorado

So many actions and aspects of our lives are made easier due to technology. We value the efficiency of certain machine-operated functions, until such machines cost us a traffic ticket.

Can Denver Drivers Get Away with Not Paying Traffic Tickets?

According to a recent CBS4 news report, a lot of Denver residents have avoided paying their traffic tickets. Colorado, unlike some other states, still uses red light cameras on its roads. When a driver gets a traffic ticket because a traffic camera caught them running a red light, drivers apparently feel they have the freedom to avoid paying those fines compared to when they are pulled over by an officer.