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Posts tagged "recreational use"

Denver's City Council hears testimony on marijuana outlets

The Denver City Council is in the process of gathering information on how to implement Amendment 64, the initiative Colorado voters approved in November to allow recreational use of marijuana. Under the new law, cities have the option of "opting out" and not allowing for-profit dispensaries. In our previous posts, we have mentioned a few municipalities that are uncertain about whether they will include retail outlets.

Could Denver nix marijuana sales?

In a prior post we reported on how some Colorado communities were ambivalent about welcoming marijuana retailers into their cities. City councils in Broomfield and Superior were considering bans on such stores, at least until the state created detailed regulations about how licenses would be granted.

Cities grappling over retail marijuana rules

After voters approved a measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, many municipalities were unsure of how to implement rules to regulate its proper use. Some towns and cities are drafting rules to limit businesses that sell marijuana, and some are considering whether to ban them altogether.