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Colorado doctors charged with overprescribing prescription medicine

The Denver Post reports that two Western Slope doctors were brought up on drug charges this week, alleging that the doctors overprescribed painkillers to their patients. Prosecutors say that the two doctors offered treatment that led to the deaths of four patients.

Federal drug case dropped: voluminous evidence too costly to maintain

In a typical case, people facing drug charges might be hoping the charges against them will be dropped for lack of evidence. In an interesting twist, a judge recently dropped federal drug trafficking charges alleged against a man because there was actually too much evidence compiled against him. At first glance this may seem counter-intuitive, and is certainly not the norm when it comes to federal drug crimes. So why is this case different?

Walgreens joins efforts against Colorado drug crimes

Drug crimes have changed compared to in the past. It's not always illegal substances such as marijuana and cocaine that are at the center of a possession or trafficking case. With the rise in prescription drug use in recent decades, there's been a rise in drug crimes related to prescription drugs.

Would reclassifying marijuana for medical use help control it?

Marijuana is one of the first "controlled substance" drugs that children and others are warned about, and it is often glorified through various "party" movies. However, for many people marijuana isn't just for fun. It is used for medicinal purposes in many states and many swear by its ability to reduce pain.

Colorado Rockies player suspended for supposed drug abuse

In the past, we have covered multiple stories involving professional athletes. Athletes are not strangers to facing criminal charges. Perhaps it's because the system likes to try to make very public examples of the players, but the reason cannot be entirely identified.

Colorado campaign aims at drugged drivers

It is no surprise that Colorado law enforcement is hard on drunk drivers. And just like in other areas of the country during this time of year, enforcement is out in full force through Labor Day, waiting to find a reason to pull drivers over for suspicion of drunk driving.

Ex-NBA star swallows evidence to avoid marijuana charge

Have you ever been pulled over by police? Many people get pulled over in their lives, usually for pretty standard issues, like speeding or some other minor traffic violation. Even with something that small, however, the anxiety that's set off when a squad car's lights go off behind you can cause people to do some less-than-brilliant things.

New Colorado drug law would mean another reason to see doctor

Don't you ever get tired of how even the little things in life can get complicated? Sometimes, it is the very laws of the state that put hoops in front of us to jump through in order to get the simplest things done.

Prescription Drug Use Complicates DUI Prosecution

If someone has been pulled over, arrested and charged with driving under the influence, their case could be more complicated than it initially seems. A growing portion of the American population relies on prescription drugs to live a happy, healthy life. Most people, however, do not imagine that prescription drug use could affect their everyday capabilities, such as driving.