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Cities grappling over retail marijuana rules

After voters approved a measure legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, many municipalities were unsure of how to implement rules to regulate its proper use. Some towns and cities are drafting rules to limit businesses that sell marijuana, and some are considering whether to ban them altogether.

Colorado law to send 'bath salt' users and traders down the drain

Laws in Colorado must change with the times in order to reflect the changes that occur from year to year. New technologies develop, and new chemicals are thrown together to create a source of a high for people. A new Colorado drug law is now in effect that is a move to combat a new product being used and traded on the market.

Brooke Mueller's Colorado drug arrest leads to lenient sentence

Back in December, we published a post about a celebrity drug arrest in Colorado. It seems as though Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex and the mother of his twins, has a hard time avoiding legal hardship when she is in the state. The previous post indicated that Mueller faced criminal charges of assault and cocaine possession.

Colorado drug crime reform postponed until further study

In a previous drug crime post, we discussed how certain lawmakers in Colorado wanted to change sentencing related to drug charges. Senate Bill 12-163 would have decreased how harshly certain Colorado possession and trafficking cases would be handled and put more focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Will Colorado treat some drug charges with more understanding?

"You can overcome addiction, but you can never overcome a felony," says the executive director of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. This argument stems from a legislative proposal that met the state Senate this week.

Denver child faces marijuana charge for brownie?

There is no doubt that kids can find themselves in all kinds of trouble. It's always been that way. Kids are curious. They don't have the maturity or life experience to understand consequences of what they do. That's why the legal system doesn't hold them accountable for things like drug crimes in the way that supposed adult drug offenders are treated.

Denver child's death leads to felony child abuse charge

Criminal charges are serious for anyone, but they can be especially life-changing for those who have children. In the case of one Colorado woman, she was in jail for a drug possession conviction when she had her child. He spent the beginning of his life in the hands of the government while his mother was incarcerated due to supposed drug offenses and probation violations.

Ex-NBA star swallows evidence to avoid marijuana charge

Have you ever been pulled over by police? Many people get pulled over in their lives, usually for pretty standard issues, like speeding or some other minor traffic violation. Even with something that small, however, the anxiety that's set off when a squad car's lights go off behind you can cause people to do some less-than-brilliant things.

Crash leads to several criminal charges against Colorado mother

Have you ever had a day where you feel like nothing else can go wrong? Maybe you wake up to a broken coffee machine and then an empty tank of gas in the car. Maybe you get pulled over for speeding, making you late to work. And when you get to work, it's a day full of obnoxious customer calls that you can't shake once you get home.

Colorado school calls student's prescribed use of THC 'possession'

As a parent, it's never easy to see your child struggling with illness or pain. You want to be able to fix it so your son or daughter can live a relatively normal and healthy life. For one Colorado family, the only way their teen can live such a life is with the help of medical marijuana.