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Posts tagged "murder"

Legislation proposed to compensate the wrongfully convicted

A Denver Senator has proposed legislation that would compensate wrongfully convicted individuals for time that they have spent in prison. If such a bill were to pass, Colorado would join 27 other states that have passed similar legislation.

Colorado man spent 17 years in prison for rape he didn't commit

We all like to think that the system works. Those who are not guilty of crimes stay out of jail and those who are guilty are sentenced appropriately. But tragically, the criminal justice system isn't perfect. That imperfection that exists among investigators and within the trial process can send innocent people to jail.

Exonerated man awarded $10 million for wrongful conviction

Timothy Masters has lived every person's worst nightmare. Masters spent more than ten years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was wrongfully convicted in 1999 of the 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick. Now, the Colorado government seeks to make amends.

Colorado woman's repeat DUI ends in murder charge

Drunk driving charges carry serious penalties, but a recent Colorado case shows just how very seriously the state takes DUIs. According to various reports, what seems like it was merely a drunk driving case has become something much more severe.

Colorado law connects pregnancy to suspicion of domestic violence

Certain types of criminal investigations seem to turn into witch hunts more than others. False allegations are made, significantly damaging the lives of the accused. Domestic violence cases are definitely the kind of cases that can take a suspect down before either innocence or guilt is proved.

Colorado Pardons Wrongly Executed Rape and Homicide Suspect

Though he is not alive to see his name cleared, a mentally challenged man who was falsely convicted of a decades-old Colorado sex assault and murder is now being recognized as the innocent man that he was. Former Denver district attorney and now outgoing governor Bill Ritter formally issued a pardon to the victim who died at the hands of old, cold laws.

Man Goes from Colorado DUI Suspect to Attempted Murder Suspect

A note to all who might be suspected of driving drunk: try not to injure a police officer who is trying to investigate the case. Last Tuesday, Dec. 28, a Colorado man was pulled over by police based on drunk driving suspicion. Instead of complying with the officer, the DUI suspect reportedly sped off and drove over the officer's foot in his misguided attempt to flee the scene.

Colorado Homicide Proving Difficult to Solve

Over this past summer, we included posts about a Colorado couple who was suspected to be responsible for a young girl's homicide. Based on reports, the girl died after suffering child abuse on the part of her father, his girlfriend or both. Investigation into the case began after workers arrived at the couple's former townhouse in order to work some maintenance and found the girl's body buried beneath the home, as if someone was trying to hide her.

Suspect in Case of Genesis Sims' Death Charged with Murder

About one month ago today, we shared the story about the case of 9-year-old Genesis Sims.  Her decomposing body was found dead in the town home where she had lived with Hanif Sims, her father, and Monique Lynch, Sims' girlfriend.

Denver Murder Allegedly Staged as DUI Car Accident

Brittney Brashers, 22, died in a Colorado car crash this past November, at least that is what Denver police were told by Brashers' boyfriend. Robert Walters was with Brashers at the time of the so-called fatal car accident and claimed that it was actually the result of Brashers driving drunk.