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Country singer avoids jail in domestic violence case

Whenever charges are made that a couple has been involved in domestic violence, the facts can be difficult to determine. The difficulty is that, oftentimes, it is one person's word against the other.

Colorado Defendants: Post Bond or Bond with Cellmates

There is a lot at stake if you are a criminal defendant. But one thing that defendants have traditionally enjoyed is the option of being released from jail until their court date by paying a monetary amount set by the judge. Known as posting a secured bond, the money is returned when you show up for your court appearance.  The other option is an unsecured bond, where a defendant promises to not skip town before their trial date.

Jury Acquits Ex Olympian Charged with Colorado Sex Assault

In order to protect the privacy of the parties involved in a Colorado case, this blog will not include any specific names. A recent verdict announced by a jury regarding an alleged rape incident means good news for the former Olympic athlete who was accused of the crime. Mr. V. was formally charged with felony sexual assault following a 2008 meeting he had with a minor. But the Colorado jury in the case found Mr. V not guilty of the crime on Wednesday.