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Posts tagged "methamphetamine"

Man arrested for drug distribution in Colorado

When police investigate certain crimes, they might suspect a person of a completely unrelated crime during the course of their original investigation. This can result in a person being charged with multiple crimes.

Colorado woman arrested as suspect in drug ring

A Colorado woman pled guilty to distributing what is referred to as a Schedule II controlled substance. The drugs she was accused of selling would have included methamphetamine and Ecstasy. However, the majority of charges against the woman were dismissed.

Alleged Colorado drug ring results in 33 arrests

So far, following guilty plea and convictions regarding an alleged drug ring in Colorado, there have been 33 indictments, 23 guilty pleas, one conviction at trial, another 7 cases pending and at least one deportation to Mexico. There has also been one case dismissed.

Reported traffic chase with bizarre set of facts

A woman has been charged with a variety of violations regarding an alleged traffic chase that ended with her supposedly crashing a vehicle in a Denver suburb. It is claimed that a high speed chase actually involved two separate vehicles with one of the vehicles eluding the authorities.

New Colorado drug law would mean another reason to see doctor

Don't you ever get tired of how even the little things in life can get complicated? Sometimes, it is the very laws of the state that put hoops in front of us to jump through in order to get the simplest things done.