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15 listed in indictment for alleged Colorado-bound drug smuggling

When multiple law enforcement agencies work together, they could miscommunicate, or mishandle evidence that might result in a wrongful conviction. If multiple people are then accused of a related crime, the case can be extremely complicated.

Colorado, federal authorities arrest five on drug charges

State and federal agencies raided homes and business in Colorado late last month, arresting five people for possession and plotting to distribute synthetic marijuana. Authorities say they seized synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, and the supplies to make it along with thousands of dollars in cash during the raid.

Three people arrested in Colorado for alleged drug crime

An arrest can have a major impact on a person's future. When they are arrested, they might face severe allegations that could harm or ruin their reputation, even if they aren't convicted. Many times a person's name will be publicized and police reports are the sole source of many news reports about the alleged crimes.

Two Colorado drug bust operations result in 33 arrests

Following two operations known as Xterra Range and Operation Pig Pen, Colorado law enforcement officers arrested 33 individuals. The investigation into this matter supposedly took as much as two years, and it appears that law enforcement officers were assisted by FBI agents and other federal officials.