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Wrongful arrest proves expensive for Colorado man

When making arrests, law enforcement officers sometimes make mistakes. One Colorado man was acquitted of multiple marijuana possession felonies by a jury as the plants were being grown for the purposes of medicinal marijuana in compliance with Colorado's medical marijuana laws. However, arresting officers apparently had already destroyed the 42 separate plants worth somewhere around $5,000 a piece.

Marijuana, THC and alleged DUI

Colorado lawmakers are discussing possible blood level limits for individuals allegedly under the influence of marijuana. Such proposals have come up in the past, but Colorado legislators have decided against such laws on three separate occasions. In fact, only two states in the nation so far have similar type of legislation on the books.

87-year-old Denver elder facing multiple marijuana-related charges

It may be tempting for some Denver residents to think that because Colorado is a state which allows the use of medical marijuana, there are laxer laws surrounding marijuana. This is not the case. Medical marijuana is approved only for patients that suffer from an illness which causes them to be afflicted with chronic pain or nausea -- not the population at large.

Vague marijuana laws can get Colorado dispensers arrested

In Colorado even if you can legally grow marijuana, police can still charge you with growing it illegally. For the state to do that your cultivation has to fall outside allowable limits. That is how two licensed dispensers came to face felony charges for growing marijuana. The two answered their arrest with a lawsuit against the state for what they call a vague law. Colorado's original medical marijuana law allows each registered user to grow up to six plants, but that could be difficult and costly for some users to do correctly. When the state established licensed dispensaries it allowed legal users to designate a primary dispensary. That marijuana dispensary could then legally grow the plants on behalf of the client.

Legal medical marijuana doesn't increase risk of pot use among teens

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding drug use, crime and marijuana in particular in this country. The legalization of medical marijuana is a political issue and, therefore, the matter can become all foggy with conflicting points. But a recent study suggests that legal marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and in other states aren't the danger that some anti-marijuana folks might think.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries face federal crackdowns

Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries are facing a challenge from federal authorities to shut down or face criminal charges, despite state laws that allow the outlets. The U.S. stand is that these dispensaries present a danger to school children, even though Colorado has its own regulations that apply to medical cannabis. The sellers must decide if the fight is worth the potential penalties that could arise from a federal crackdown on their businesses. The letters from John Walsh, a Colorado U.S. attorney, informed sellers they must close their medical marijuana dispensaries by Feb. 27. This effort by the feds may be subject to further litigation if an initiative by advocates to legalize pot use by adults over age 21 gets on the November ballot in Colorado.

Would reclassifying marijuana for medical use help control it?

Marijuana is one of the first "controlled substance" drugs that children and others are warned about, and it is often glorified through various "party" movies. However, for many people marijuana isn't just for fun. It is used for medicinal purposes in many states and many swear by its ability to reduce pain.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries fight battle for their businesses

Colorado is on the frontline of the battle to make the legalization of medical marijuana work. While medical marijuana is legal in the state, its legalization hasn't made the road for patients and those who distribute their medication an easy one. The fight continues for marijuana growers and dispensary owners to feel as mere business owners instead of drug criminals in Colorado.

Could legalizing pot be a traffic safety jackpot in Colorado?

The University of Colorado released a study recently that could mean a promising future for the legalization of medical marijuana. Sure, pot can help alleviate patients' pains, but can it also decrease the number of people who die in traffic accidents? According to a recent study, that looks like it could be true.

Japan's drug laws ensnare a Colorado student in their trap

Studying abroad is a college opportunity that people either take advantage of or often regret not having experienced. One brave 25-year-old Colorado School of Mines student took the adventurous step of traveling to Japan. His plan was to challenge himself in a new culture, inspire others to travel abroad and help with earthquake relief efforts.