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Posts tagged "hit and run"

Deadly traffic violation leads to stricter law in Colorado

Traffic accidents happen all of the time in Colorado. They can lead to injuries, traffic citations and even more serious criminal allegations against drivers. In the case of a recent hit-and-run in Denver, a fatal accident inspired the creation of a new, harsher traffic law.

Plea deal frees Colorado suspect from DUI charge

The legal process can be complicated and daunting. That is why someone who is charged with a crime needs to have a straightforward, aggressive criminal defense attorney whom he knows has his best interests at heart. A defendant's best interests can be served through various routes, depending on a specific case and set of circumstances.

Accident involving no driver could still lead to criminal charges

How could a driver possibly face criminal charges related to a car accident when the accident took place while he wasn't driving? The question sounds a bit like a riddle, doesn't it?