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Posts tagged "fraud"

Colorado doctors charged with overprescribing prescription medicine

The Denver Post reports that two Western Slope doctors were brought up on drug charges this week, alleging that the doctors overprescribed painkillers to their patients. Prosecutors say that the two doctors offered treatment that led to the deaths of four patients.

Colorado Judge Rules Not a Crime to Lie About Being in Military

This is a different sort of case than what is usually covered on this blog, but it certainly is interesting and worth discussing. In a recent ruling, a U.S. District Judge in Colorado ruled that it is not a crime to misrepresent oneself as a military member or veteran.

Fake Clean Titles Get Dirty Colorado Car Dealer Felony Conviction

When someone buys a used car from a dealership, they are issued a title. When spending money on something as expensive and important to one's safety as a car, a wise buyer likely purchases a vehicle that comes with a clean title. But what happens when a clean title is misrepresented? A recent Colorado felony case shows us what can happen when buyers' trust in a car dealer is violated.