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Posts tagged "felonies"

Teacher charged with sexual assault avoids felony charges

An Englewood, Colorado teacher recently pled guilty to having sexual relations with one of her students. What's unusual about this particular teacher's circumstances is that she will likely receive no jail time as a result of this plea.

Felony charges against students for alleged sale of a pill

Two University of Colorado students are facing felony drug charges over a purported transaction that involved the sale of a prescription pill for $5. One student allegedly offered the prescription pill to another student, the other student supposedly purchased the pill, and a campus employee claims to have seen the transaction occur.

Colorado proposal for a felony DUI law

The stakes concerning receiving a DUI may be upped if a bill proposing a felony DUI in Colorado is passed. House Bill 1214 would make it a felony for any individual receiving a DUI with two prior DUI convictions in the past seven years.

Colorado psychologist accused of sexual assault

A Colorado psychologist has been arrested for Sexual Assault on a Client by a Psychotherapist according to local police. Apparently, a patient of the psychologist claimed that they had a sexual relationship for a few months, but the psychologist ended the relationship when the patient supposedly refused to keep the relationship silent.

Colorado County to dismiss a number of marijuana charges

In light of Amendment 64 being passed in Colorado, the district attorney for Boulder is expected to dismiss all pending cases regarding possession of marijuana when the amount in question weighed less than an ounce. This will be the first of county district attorneys to dismiss such cases, but there may be others that will do the same during the coming months.

Second drunk driving arrest this year for Randy Travis

Country singer Randy Travis is in the news again, this time for allegations that he was driving drunk and that, when he was found naked, threatened to kill state troopers.

87-year-old Denver elder facing multiple marijuana-related charges

It may be tempting for some Denver residents to think that because Colorado is a state which allows the use of medical marijuana, there are laxer laws surrounding marijuana. This is not the case. Medical marijuana is approved only for patients that suffer from an illness which causes them to be afflicted with chronic pain or nausea -- not the population at large.

Will Colorado go easier on juveniles in criminal justice system?

Being accused of a crime or landing in Colorado's criminal justice system is a stressful and scary situation for any adult. Imagine the fear and risk involved for a teenager who is accused of a crime and facing criminal charges. It's a point in a young person's life that could forever change his or her life's trajectory.

Colorado lawmakers still debating 'fake marijuana' laws

In a previous post, we discussed a new, controversial product that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency decided to ban. Some might know the product as Spice, K2, or herbal incense. For the most part, however, lawmakers are referring to the drug as synthetic marijuana.