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Posts tagged "federal drug charges"

Drug money laundering alleged by grand jury

A Denver grand jury returned an indictment against three individuals in a case where the laundering of drug money has been alleged. It is claimed that the three individuals arrested deposited just under $10,000 during transactions to purportedly evade reporting laws.

Federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges pursued

An alleged conspiracy to distribute drugs has resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals - including some from Colorado. Presumably since the drugs traveled across state or even national borders, at least 15 of these individuals are facing federal indictments for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Federal drug case dropped: voluminous evidence too costly to maintain

In a typical case, people facing drug charges might be hoping the charges against them will be dropped for lack of evidence. In an interesting twist, a judge recently dropped federal drug trafficking charges alleged against a man because there was actually too much evidence compiled against him. At first glance this may seem counter-intuitive, and is certainly not the norm when it comes to federal drug crimes. So why is this case different?

Justice Department Pot Memo Confusion Leads Man to Start Business

A Denver man facing federal marijuana cultivation charges had his case take a hit this week when the federal judge assigned to the mater sided with prosecutors on a key component of the man's defense. Christopher Bartkowicz attempted to have his attorney argue he ought not to face the aforementioned charges because he had started growing pot for profit in his basement only after reviewing memos from the U.S. Justice Department which he interpreted to reveal cultivation cases wouldn't be federally pursued if the cultivation and sale was occurring in states that allow medical marijuana.

Colorado Marijuana Grower to Battle Federal Drug Charges in Court

In Colorado, the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical use is legal - it's even written into the state constitution. Enacted in 2000, Colorado's medical marijuana amendment allows those with diseases such as cancer to purchase and use the drug.