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Posts tagged "false allegations"

The complications of sexual assault cases

An article about sexual assault and domestic violence allegations at an Ivy League college out east presents a bleak picture of what sometimes occurs on our college campuses. However, it also tells a story about how false reports of these crimes can sometimes interfere with the abilities of officials and institutions to deal with the circumstances.

Domestic violence charges involving woman are dropped

Domestic violence is a crime generally associated with male partners is a relationship, but occasionally women can be charged with the crime as well. In a nationally publicized story, domestic violence and assault charges were recently dismissed against a woman that was accused of punching and biting a former college football star, Maurice Clarett.

False allegations of rape result in serious consequences

Though the study comes out of England, the consequences of false rape allegations are applicable to Colorado residents as well. The study in question found that such false allegations are rare, but the results can be devastating.

Forum held for individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes

Wrongful accusations of sexual assault harm more than just the individual that is accused. Those accused have family members and friends that can be badly harmed as well.

Colorado community's police department policies questioned

The Aurora, Colorado Police Department has been under scrutiny for practices that are said not to comply with federal standards. In particular, Aurora's policy of what is called the prosecuting of false complaints is deemed as a method to stifle all criticism of the police department's actions.

Domestic violence charges dropped when accuser changes story

Domestic violence is no doubt a major concern in our society, but so are false allegations of domestic violence and assault. In one recent incident of claimed domestic violence, the police dropped charges against the accused man after the man's girlfriend changed her story as to how the domestic violence supposedly came about.

Colorado changing rules regarding confessions of guilt

A Colorado man was convicted of sexual assault based upon a confession that he made. However, this individual's confession was overturned by an appeals court because prosecutors will unable to prove that his confession was trustworthy. The Colorado Supreme Court refused to reverse the court of appeals ruling.

Four men falsely accused of rape by alleged victim

In a neighboring state of Colorado, a woman has been convicted of making false allegations of rape and sexual assault. Apparently, the woman claimed that she was raped by four men including one individual that was arrested because of the allegations.

State Trooper accused of making wrongful DUI arrests

A class action lawsuit has been filed in another western state concerning individuals that claim to have been falsely accused of drinking while driving. Though the state patrol officer in question has since been fired, it is believed that hundreds of individuals were wrongfully accused of DUI.

False allegations of serious crimes

A reporter recently has taken the media to task for rushing to judgment when reporting about serious crimes. He cites a number of recent instances where the suspect was either misidentified, or when facts surrounding the crime turned out to be untrue.