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Posts tagged "drug trafficking"

Former cop pleads guilty to drug crime in Colorado

A former police officer pleaded guilty earlier this week to drug and weapons crimes. The officer had served on the police force in a Colorado city for 22 years. We told you about the officers case in a blog post earlier this month. Now, the man will be held in the county jail until he is sentenced early next year.

Two Colorado drug bust operations result in 33 arrests

Following two operations known as Xterra Range and Operation Pig Pen, Colorado law enforcement officers arrested 33 individuals. The investigation into this matter supposedly took as much as two years, and it appears that law enforcement officers were assisted by FBI agents and other federal officials.

Drug money laundering alleged by grand jury

A Denver grand jury returned an indictment against three individuals in a case where the laundering of drug money has been alleged. It is claimed that the three individuals arrested deposited just under $10,000 during transactions to purportedly evade reporting laws.

Colorado woman arrested as suspect in drug ring

A Colorado woman pled guilty to distributing what is referred to as a Schedule II controlled substance. The drugs she was accused of selling would have included methamphetamine and Ecstasy. However, the majority of charges against the woman were dismissed.

Colorado defendant challenges search warrant leading to arrest

To be issued a search warrant in a criminal matter, the investigating police officers are required to show probable cause that some sort of criminal activity is taking place. However, in one Colorado case, the attorney representing a defendant claims the officer lied so that a search warrant could be granted.

Federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges pursued

An alleged conspiracy to distribute drugs has resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals - including some from Colorado. Presumably since the drugs traveled across state or even national borders, at least 15 of these individuals are facing federal indictments for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Colorado Man Faces Drug Charges for Growing Medical Marijuana

Chris Bartkowicz was charged in February with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute 100 plus plants, using a place to manufacture a controlled substance and distributing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a children's school. Bartkowicz and his defense attorney claim that he was not knowingly breaking the law.