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Colorado traffic violations and the point system

When viewing the local police reports in Colorado localities, one is struck by the number of traffic offenses that individuals can be charged with. Not only might it be difficult for a driver to understand all of the possible ways that they can be charged, the offenses are often dependent upon subjective observations of the arresting officers, and the fines that the alleged violators face can also often be significant.

Despite inaccurate test, Colorado driver's DUI sentence remains

Taking away a person's driving privileges might not be as severe as sending him to prison, but the legal consequence is still significant. Most people don't drive so they can just cruise and enjoy the road; they need to get someplace or transport someone to a necessary destination.

Colorado drivers lose licenses without breaking traffic laws

If you got a letter in the mail one day that told you your driver's license was revoked, would you think you were being tricked? You didn't get caught driving drunk, speeding or violating any other Colorado traffic laws. But still, the state tells you that you have to retake a driving test in order to have a valid driver's license.