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Denver man arrested for vehicular homicide, assault

A Denver man with past drunk driving related charges was arrested early last month during an investigation of a vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. According to reports, the man was arrested after a head-on collision that resulted in the death of another person and injuries to two other people.

Police under scrutiny after Colorado domestic violence case

A woman in Colorado has been accused of domestic violence after an alleged altercation with her ex-boyfriend, who is a police officer. According to a report, the police chief of that police department is now being scrutinized after the woman allegedly sent police a video tape of the woman's ex-boyfriend abusing her child. She alleges that police did nothing and attempted to cover up the abuse.

Is Taser use acceptable in traffic violation cases?

When a person is pulled over by a police officer, they would most likely not expect to have a Taser used on them and then arrested. However, many cities are evaluating their policies regarding Taser use, and a new report has found that a large number of deaths related to Taser use could have been avoided.

Can 911 call from another driver alone result in traffic stop?

A traffic stop in another state has worked its way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. This case involved two men who were arrested during a traffic stop. Another driver on the road called 911 to report that the two were in a truck that was reportedly driving erratically. Police pulled the men over without ever seeing the erratic driving that was described to 911 operators, and the men were arrested on drug charges after officers claimed they smelled marijuana.

Basketball star arrested in Denver for alleged domestic violence

A Denver Nuggets player was arrested over the weekend. Tywon Lawson and his girlfriend were arrested for alleged domestic violence. Many times one person is arrested in a case of domestic violence, but in this case Lawson and his girlfriend were both arrested. The man's girlfriend was arrested for domestic violence-related property damage and he was arrested for domestic violence-related harassment and property damage.

Denver police arrest man after hit-and-run accident

When someone is arrested, they might not even understand what they did wrong. While police or prosecutors might tell them what charges they are facing, they might not give much more detail as the government develops a case against the person.

Man faces severe charges after traffic stop for speeding in CO

A Colorado man was arrested after a traffic stop late last week. Police say that the man was arrested for being a habitual traffic violator. However, the man was charged with very serious crimes after police searched his vehicle and allegedly found stolen Social Security cards, financial documents, drug paraphernalia and a mailbox.

Colorado city councilman resigns after alleged domestic violence

When someone is accused of domestic violence, they might be overwhelmed with emotions and nervous about the legal process. Sometimes these accusations can result in a person having to spend time apart from their loved one, and might even cause difficult situations at a person's place of employment.

Colorado to restrict guns for those convicted of domestic violence

When a person faces a criminal charge, it is important that they understand their rights. Convictions for some crimes might result in consequences that exceed that of time spent in jail or a fine. Depending on the crime that a person is convicted of, they might face complications with their employment, have troubles maintaining child custody and if a bill that recently passed the Colorado legislature is signed into law, people convicted of domestic violence charges could lose firearm rights.