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Posts tagged "cocaine distribution"

Alleged Colorado drug ring results in 33 arrests

So far, following guilty plea and convictions regarding an alleged drug ring in Colorado, there have been 33 indictments, 23 guilty pleas, one conviction at trial, another 7 cases pending and at least one deportation to Mexico. There has also been one case dismissed.

Federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges pursued

An alleged conspiracy to distribute drugs has resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals - including some from Colorado. Presumably since the drugs traveled across state or even national borders, at least 15 of these individuals are facing federal indictments for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Colorado man reaches plea agreement after cocaine bust

Sometimes a drug arrest can almost appear to be out of nowhere. A phone call is made to someone, who turns out to be a known drug dealer being watched by law enforcement, and before anyone knows what happened, federal agents are involved, and people are facing numerous drug charges.